Okay so everyone with asthma will know what a trigger is. For anyone who doesn’t know it is anything that causes a person’s asthma to get worse usually to the point where they have an actual asthma attack, unless the trigger is removed.

Everyone’s triggers are different, what is bad for one person might be fine for another person.

I am quite lucky in that I don’t have many triggers, and in the fact that only two of my triggers are because of allergies. Many people find that they are allergic to their triggers and so by avoiding the allergen can reduce the attacks from said trigger.

My two triggers that I am allergic to are:

  • Dust – most people are allergic to this
  • Chlorine, this tends to be in swimming pools that have a high chlorine content which is pretty much every pool round where I live.

Okay so the dust trigger, that doesn’t bother me too much, I get a little wheezy, take my inhaler and bang! I can breathe freely again. I do try to limit contact with dust, damp cleaning any surfaces in my room regularly. Even the simple things can make a difference to one’s asthma.

As for chlorine, I haven’t made a huge effort to avoid it, since I work at swimming pools 4 times a week it is quite hard to avoid. Thing is that chlorine is such a huge trigger for me that I’m wheezing within 10 minutes of coming into contact with it even with pre-medicating. If I am at a pool for an hour it is not uncommon for me to use my inhaler 4 or 5 times, each time relief only lasts about 10 minutes so I know I will have to do something about this.

Okay so my other triggers are quite hard to avoid:

Humidity – you just have to try and stay inside for this one

Thunderstorms – I think this has something to do with the pressure changes but don’t quote me on that one 🙂

Colds/illness – well quite a lot of people with asthma have this as a trigger and I guess the best thing you can do is just try and fight it off best you can

Cold air – I’m not quite sure if this is one of my triggers, sometimes I’m fine in the cold and sometimes I am not, I’ve been skiing and been perfectly fine then come home and at 5 decrees Celsius the air temperature has set my asthma off

Exercise – exercise is a definite for me, at first everyone thought I had EIA so either way exercise is my trigger. For some though EIA can be a symptom that your asthma isn’t controlled so watch out for it

Paint fumes – my lungs hate it when we are redecorating the house, I end up leaving every window wide open for days after painting, gloss paints happen to be the worst for me :\


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