I started taking my ventolin accuhaler because I was finding it very hard to use a normal evohaler when my hands were very stiff and sore, so I did a wee bit of research and found that ventolin is also available in an accuhaler as well as the conventional evohaler.

The accuhaler has 200mcg of salbutamol inhalations rather than the 100mcg inhalations in the evohaler, so for every inhalation of the accuhaler is equivalent to 2 puffs of the standard evohaler, for me this is a benefit but maybe it isn’t for everybody, especially if you only need 1 puff of ventolin.


I have had such a brilliant experience with my ventolin accuhaler that when i next see my asthma nurse on the 30th im going to see if i can move all of my inhalers onto DPI 🙂


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