The curse of having bad joints

Okay so at 16 I would expect most of you to have fairly good joints, maybe you were plagued with growing pains which hurt a lot or have clicking joints but I wouldn’t expect many of you to have joints bad enough for you to need to see a Rheumatologist (arthritis doctor).

Yes, I happen to have joints painful enough to need to see a rheumy, and my problems didn’t just start when I was 16, no they started when I was 11.

So at 11 you wouldn’t expect that when you’re walking, the pain would bring tears to your eyes or that in the morning you have to soak your hands for about 10 minutes so you can actually hold a pen at school but even holding the pen seriously hurts.

So yes off I went to the doctors who told me it was nothing but thankfully sent me to physio. After 4 sessions of physio and 2 sessions of intensive physio I was sent to the rheumatologist just to rule out arthritis as nobody thought I did have arthritis but nobody knew why I wasn’t getting better from physio.

So now I am 16, I have had 6 physiotherapists in total and god knows how many rounds of physio. I have a positive ANA which is basically a marker saying I have an autoimmune condition going on, and that’s been positive since I was 11 (possibly longer but that’s when I had my bloods done for the first time).

So the joint problems started out just in my hips, then it went to my knees and over the years more and more joints have been added so all my fingers are affected, both wrists, my elbows hurt when I am about to flare/am flaring, neck, both hips, both knees and right ankle. Also my chest and ribs get sore so my rheumy is trying to find out if I have arthritis in my chest (how unlucky :\)

So at this point in time I don’t have a proper diagnosis, all I’ve been told is that I have an autoimmune disease and a positive blood test. Where I live no diagnosis= no treatment, so unfortunately I can’t take anything that would prevent my flare ups but I have been prescribes an NSAID (asthmatics should not take these) but I haven’t taken any of those yet since they can set off your asthma.

I next see my rheumy on the 10th December so I will keep you updated!!!


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