Gingerism is unacceptable

Okay so this is a blog on Gingerism. If you don’t know what Gingerism is, it’s deliberately discriminating against gingers.

So if you couldn’t tell yet, I am ginger and I’m using this blog to campaign for Gingerism to be taken seriously.

I guess since only 2% of the world’s population  are ginger most of you won’t know what it’s like to be ginger, so I shall tell you:

You feel normal, you talk and sound normal but through the eyes of some people you are not normal. I am totally for freedom of speech but I think people should draw the line at insulting people’s appearances, but I guess it is up to you as the individual.

So my first encounter with Gingerism was when I started school, people would tell me that I couldn’t play with them because I was ginger. It didn’t bother me that much because I was 6 and I had friends who accepted me.

Over the years I have had more and more encounters with Gingerism, I had people ride push bikes into me, I had people sing songs about how my hair was on fire, I was told I have no soul, people can say hurtful things. Normally I can deal quite well with what people say, yes it does hurt but I always think that someone is going through a tougher time than me. But sometimes it does get a bit much and I can take it personally, especially when it is somebody younger than me who is causing the problem.

Because of Gingerism I now have quite a tough exterior but every comment that is made hurts, even the sneaky comment that your friends make because they think that it’s funny and the odd comment here and there doesn’t hurt anyone. Gingerism is NOT funny. Making fun of a person’s appearance is NOT funny.

I remember reading a newspaper story about how a ginger family was forced to move house 3 times because of the nature and severity of their bullying that they received from numerous communities not just one community 3! Here is a link to BBC news so you can read this brave families ordeal yourself.

And just remember before you say something that might offend, think “would that hurt me if I was in there shoes?”


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