Asthma to do list

I don’t know if anyone else does this but I always make a list of things I want to ask my asthma nurse/doctor when I have an appointment.

So I have an appointment coming up on the 30th. I have a few things that I want to ask her:

  1. Can I have a refill on my inhalers and can I change my steroid + LABA to a combination inhaler
  2. Can I have all my inhalers in dry powder form – they are easier to use when the hand joints decide to flare
  3. Is there anything that I can take in addition to my current meds that will help me control my asthma when I have come into contact with swimming pool chlorine
  4. Is there anything I can take that will help me move the junk out of my chest – I’ve got loads of junk in my chest from the cold I had in May, which turned into another cold, then a chest infection, then another cold, then a sinus infection and then has decided to leave me with lots and lots of really thick, sticky mucus that I cant move.

I usually tend to forget at least one of these points so I shall see how I do this time.


2 thoughts on “Asthma to do list

  1. Sorry, I know this is an old post but heck, I thought I was the only person who made lists like that! I always do it. I use the Notes app on my iPhone and get down some bullet points under different headings, such as ‘symptoms’ or ‘problems’, ‘what works’, ‘tried’ and ‘questions’…I don’t tend to get them out during the appointment because on a small screen it looks like a lot and I don’t want to look like I’ve come in for 101 problems and an interrogation session, but if I read it over a few times before the appointment, I don’t tend to miss things out!

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