Asthma nurse appointment

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, i’ve been quite busy.

I wanted to update you all on how my asthma nurse appointment went.

Okay so first things first, she was not impressed that i had not been taking any medication for the last 5 days, as my steroid finished then but my LABA finished 3 weeks before hands. So she gave me the “you should take your medications” talk and I told her that I knew full well that i needed to take my medications but in the absence of a repeat prescription (i lost it) and incompetent staff at the doctors who didn’t know if they could leave a messages, i had no choice but to rely on just ventolin alone.

She also thought that the salmeterol did not help regardless of the fact that when i was taking it i was the best i have been all year, but she decided to give the salmeterol another chance and put me on seretide 100 (also known as Advair). so i guess i will see how that goes.

I also got my first flu jab ever, the nurse was saying things about how it would make me feel a bit ill and it would be sore but i have had no ill-effects from it so i guess i am one of those people that it doesn’t really affect.

I asked about getting an Asthma Action plan from her and although she did give me one she said that they never use them very often so she didnt really see the point in giving me one! What is going on with the world, Asthma action plans can help prevent/help improve asthma flare ups, so i was not too impressed with her attitude about that :/

Oh yes and regarding the asthma to do list, i did forget to ask about anything to help move all the mucus but i think thats because i was having quite a good day, now i am regretting not asking but i guess i will have to deal with it for now.

My next appointment is in 4-6 weeks so i need to phone up and book it, and she is going to discus adding a LTRA to my meds to see if that makes a difference.


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