Army and asthma

Okay so I wanted to go into the army, that was my aim and so because i was having asthma symptoms i decided to have a little look at their website and see what they thought about people with asthma.

“You may be disqualified from joining the UOTC if you are suffering or have ever suffered from the following conditions:

  • Asthma or Wheezing”

Taken from the British army entry requirements website (

So because it said that i MAY be disqualified i decided to look into it further and its only really people who have mild intermittent asthma who are let in if that, it tends to be people who havent had any asthma symptoms since they were 12 who were accepted. Well since I started getting my asthma symptoms at 12 i didnt stand much of a chance. Gutted to say the least 😦

I have always wanted to go into medicine so I am now considering being a combat medic in that army, there is not too much information about this on the internet so i have decided that i will e-mail someone in the army and see what they think and i will keep you all updated.

I think that one thing i will say to you is not to let asthma ruin your dreams, i still have options, even if i cant get into the army as a soldier or combat medic i still have other options, i could be a paramedic or potentially a doctor if i do well in exams. So what im trying to say is that there is always another option if your first choice doesnt work out, who knows you may even do better with your second option 🙂


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