Living in the yellow zone

So I have been in my yellow zone of my asthma action plan since October :/ that isnt a good sign. So even with my LABA and steroids my lungs arent really doing as well as they should be.

I got my first (and only) spirometry in June and my peak flow was 104% of predicted and everything else was ranging from 98% to 101% of predicted (to be honest at the time I didnt really know a lot about spiros so I didnt pay too much attention to anything other than the Peak expiry flow. At the moment I would say average peak flow for the last few months has been about 75% optimistically and about 70% pessimistically. I know some of you out there would think that breathing at 70ish percent of predicted would be amazing but for me it feels absolutely rubbish. But since I started the seretide about two weeks and a bit ago I have made it to 80% twice which I was quite grateful about.

So for any of you who dont have asthma or havent lived for extended periods of time in the yellow zone it’s horrible. I get short of breath when walking up one flight of stairs and I need to take lots of breaks in between floors. I can’t talk as well as I want to because I just can’t catch my breath (although this may have something to do with all the colds/infections ive had lately). I am shattered all the time because of the sleepless nights and my voice has gone all husky from doubling my inhaled steroids.

So yeah I am not feeling the best but I sure am not feeling the worst ive felt, yeah peak flows at 49% a few months back and then pretending to everyone that everything is fine even though you cant speak in sentences is not a good place to be and I’m glad I’m a whole lot better than that now.


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