It’s “just” asthma

So on a Saturday I teach kids how to be a lifeguard (as in doing the techniques) and I got there and one of the regulars was missing but her sister was there. So I asked her where her sister was and she said that she was seriously ill with asthma and her chest was so tight that she couldnt come today. Being an astma sufferer myself I knew how much the wee girl was suffering and I sympathise with her.
However isnt it just annoying when a non-asthmatic proclaims to the world that asthma is not serious. Well thats what happened and it actually made my blood boil. My fellow coach said bluntly that asthma isnt serious enough for someone to miss a session and then she laughed. I was so gobsmacked I had no idea what to say I just stared :O

But the thing that really worried me was that my fellow coach has 3 daughters all with asthma, I just hope that they are getting to take their daily medications without the help of their mum.

I am still fuming from what she said and I hope that people will come to learn the seriousness of asthma since 3 people in the UK die everyday from asthma and yet people still do not recognise the seriousness of asthma.


4 thoughts on “It’s “just” asthma

  1. It frustrates me too when people don’t take these conditions seriously! I think it’s partially because so many people have it on a more mild level … exercise-induced, or very well-controlled with medication. I have gone into respiratory arrest from my asthma once, when I was 19, and am extremely, extremely lucky that I didn’t die or didn’t suffer brain damage from the amount of time I went without oxygen. It can be a very serious condition and it infuriates me when people don’t think it’s a big deal.

    1. Wow, I had no idea that you had an attack that was so serious. I’ve been lucky, I have been able to keep my attacks at an okay severity and I have never had to go to the hospital for any of them although I had a few that I think I should probably have been there since my peak flow was just hitting 49%.
      I absolutely hate it when people just think asthma is just when you get a little bit wheezy and need your reliever and then everything is dandy again. Its hard enough for people to live with asthma let alone have to deal with people telling them that asthma is not serious.

  2. It must be hard though, to live at that kind of level of breathing, on a regular basis! Luckily, mine is pretty well-managed with medication (except during peak allergy seasons). And I think it is frustrating when people minimize others’ illnesses. That’s what’s terrible about having an “invisible” illness. There are stigmas to both visible and invisible illnesses of course, but I find the minimization quite insulting and frustrating.

    1. Yeah my peak flows arent the best but they sure arent the worst they could be. I’m pretty sure my body has issues with steroids since it doesn’t seem to respond the same way to them as it should, like pred doesn’t really have much of an affect on me, but never mind, other people are a lot worse than me. And I know what you mean about visible and invisible illnesses. It would be absolutely brilliant if we, using these blogs, can raise enough awareness about these illnesses to allow non-sufferers to at least accept how bad these diseases can be

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