The pain of having joint pain

I haven’t really said much about my joint pains which is bad since my catch phrase/slogan/little message (I am not too sure what to call it) at the top of my blog says “My life dealing with asthma, bad joints and the troubles of being a teenager” so I have decided to do another post.

Okay so I got discharged from my 6th physio a few weeks back. I had been seeing her primarily for my shoulder which has nothing to do with my other joints. I asked her during my last session for my shoulder if she could look at my hip which was so bad I hadn’t been able to sleep more than about 2 hours at a time for weeks. She said that she couldn’t and that I would have to make another appointment so I did but it wasn’t until a week later.

So I went back a week later and we did some exercises and she thinks that all that is wrong is that I have one leg shorter by the other (not by too much but enough for me to notice) and then she sent me off with some exercises and I was like thanks for no help at all. I’m waiting for my original physio to get back to me so I can see her again.

Anyway back to the joint pain caused by the positive ANA. I got a blood test a few years back which showed that I have a positive ANA and other antibodies that indicate juvenile arthritis, although I haven’t been diagnosed yet.

Back then my pain was only in hips, knees and sometimes my wrists now the pain is in my hips, knees, wrists, all of my fingers (and thumbs), neck, elbows (when my joints are flaring) and my jaw. My ankles have also been hurting a lot lately.

The joint pain isnt like when your joints click and then the pain goes away. It is a constant ache and then a sharp pain when you move the joint. I knew a kid once who described it as like a dog was biting her knee constantly.

The pain isnt the whole problem, its the stiffness as well. I remember swinging my legs out of bed and standing up but instead of standing I fell flat on my face because my knees werent going as fast as my brain because they were so stiff.

I am seeing my rheumy (rheumatologist) at the start of December and I am really going to be pushing for answers, I have been seeing her since I was 12 and all she has said to me is that I have a positive ANA and elevated levels of other antibodies related to JA (juvenile arthritis).

So why haven’t I already got a diagnosis? Well thats because I am lucky and have not had any joint damage yet which is a good sign. So yeah I am lucky in that my joints are not being destroyed and unlucky in that my joints hurt like hell everyday but I am sure it would be been worse if I did have joint damage.


4 thoughts on “The pain of having joint pain

  1. My 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis back in July. She sees her rheumatologist every 6-8 weeks and gets complete blood work and ultrasounds. Her medication has not been altered since July and, so far, the arthritis has not worsened. Thank goodness. Have you been told that it could go into remission? This we were told happens around the teen years.

    1. Hello, I have not been told personally that you can go into remission but I have heard of people going into remission. Do not give up hope. I think that you can go into remission at any time to be honest but I think this is usually due to the medication, but any remission is better than none. I believe that it depends on the type and how severely your daughter is affected by the arthritis. Please keep me updated on your daughters condition and wish her my best.

      I have an account on facebook MyLungsMyLife if you or your daughter would like to talk to me at any time and I would also suggest that you take a look at the Sloan siblings blog as they also have arthritis.


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