Tired of being ill

Today I have absolutely no energy, I fell asleep in my free and on the bus home from college. All I can put it down to is having a pretty much continuous cold since May and the fact that I’ve had 2 chest infections within the last 6 weeks. My lungs are aching all the time, talking for too long leaves me so short of breath I have to sit down for a wee while. I have a banging headache all the time and I just want to sleep constantly. So I am not very happy.

I am desperate for the doctors appointment on Thursday I’m hoping that I will get either some antibiotics or oral steroids although I would prefer to take antibiotics more than pred. I am also going to ask the doc about my heart rate. I have always have had a higher heart rate than most around me, during GCSE PE last year my heart rate would be about my target training zone (60-80% of max heart rate) after just the warm up and my resting heart rate varied from 98-104bpm. I went to the gym on Friday (yeah very bad idea when the lungs are so bad but I thought that maybe some light aerobic exercise would help clear some of the mucus) and my heart rate was 130 before I had even started, I should have taken that as a warning sign but i didnt and so I had a little peddle on the cycling machine heart rate went up to 172bpm but I didnt feel bad enough to stop so I thought that 5 minutes on the cross trainer would be alright. WRONG! My heart rate shot up to 192bpm  pretty much 90% of my max heart rate, oh yeah then I had an asthma attack.

My aim for this week is to know when I am over doing, I just hope that this infection wont stay for too much longer. I will update you on what the doc says on thursday.


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