Doctors update

I went to the doctors today and got the same idiot doctor who failed to diagnose my chest infection in September but nevermind.

My lungs have been pretty good today, peak flows up to 75% and I couldnt hear any wheeze at all, untill I came back from the doctor that was which was really annoying.

At the doctors he did all the normal checks peak flow and pulse ox (99% =very happy with the amount of oxygen in my blood 😛 ) and he listened to my chest. He said and I quote this: “I can’t heat a wheeze, not even a crackle” so I was very happy until I got home and sat down and pretty much instantly my lungs decided to have a wee spasm and so I was wheezing again. I guess thats what I get for walking around in the cold without a jacket on.

Okay so that was the asthma part of my doctors visit but I also wanted to know why my resting heart rate was between 100 and 104 beats per minute. But he brought this up before I could even mention it. The machine he used to measure my pulse ox also showed my heart rate was 107bpm and he looked a little concerned. I explained that my heart rate has always been high and so he sent me off for an ECG (echocardiogram).

After the ECG I went back to see the doc and the first thing he said was the heart trace was normal, obviously I was very relieved and then he said you havent had a heart attack. I was like A HEART ATTACK! I’m 16 I dont expect to have a heart attack at 16 (even tHough one of my distant cousins had a heart attack at 13, but that is a different story) I had absolutely no clue thats what he was looking for in the trace, I thought he was just looking to see if there was any electrical abnormalities that was causing my heart to beat so fast.

So today has been quite an interesting day and I am happy to say that my heart is healthy and there is no signs of any heart attacks 🙂


2 thoughts on “Doctors update

  1. Again, sorry I’m commenting on your old posts. I’m reading through from the start of your blog because I like your content and I wanted to see where you were coming from 😛

    My heart rate has, for almost a year now, been firmly between 95 and around 130 without exercise, which is crackers! It’s not anxiety, they’ve done about 4 ECGs in the last few months (goodness knows why, especially given that two of these were literally a week apart – like, what’s realistically going to have changed in 7 days when my symptoms are the same?) and ALL of these were normal…they always say my HR is ‘regularly irregular’, and that was certainly the case last time I was in PASCU (they had these cool heart monitors and the tone actually went down in pitch as my HR slowed and up in pitch as it rose, then down again. Of course, it kept setting the alarm off as it swung between 60 and 135 then back right down to 45…). Every time I get my obs done, be it as an inpatient, with the nurse, by the GP or in A&E someone always goes “ooh your heart rate is up” or “ooh that’s fast” or even “blood– er, blinkin’ heck” (from one paramedic) and they nearly always give me a funny look and then grab my wrist to see for themselves… *rolls eyes*

    Someone I know who is at med. school recently suggested a form of dysautonomia to me as a possible cause for this which would explain some of my other problems…but I’m not sure. If you ever find out why your HR is high, please drop me a line!

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