Feeling blue

So I’m not feeling myself, like physically I’m doing okay but mentally I am exhausted. I always get really stressed out before my rheumy appointments and yes I do have another week to wait but I am already stressed.

I’m really hoping that this time I will get a diagnosis, it’s really hard not having a name for what your dealing with.

Right at this minute my joints are okay, my neck must be about a 6 on the pain scale, my hip a 5 and my fingers a 6 also. So overall Im doing a lot better than i have been. Last night I didnt get much sleep because of my neck so I am absolutely shattered today. At the moment pred is looking really appetising. I keep thinking that I only have one more week to wait and then I will be sorted but it’s just hit me, a week of waiting for a diagnosis is nothing compared to the rest of my life with juvenile arthritis. So now I’m hoping that it is all because of stress, so if I remove the stress I remove the pain. Simple… I wish.

And what is even worse is that when someone asks what wrong, there is no point telling them because they are too young for arthritis. So there we are, my fairly short rant explaining how I and probably other young people with arthritis feel.


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