An okay rheumy appointment

So I had my rheumy appointment earlier today. I took the day off college so I could go. She didnt really say anything helpful to be honest just that in my last blood draw I still had all my antibodies that indicate juvenile arthritis including a positive rheumatoid factor (but that was back in January) so we took bloods again.


Thats my little battle scar, where the needle got me ๐Ÿ™‚ If anyone ever asks about does getting blood taken hurt my usual response is “I think getting anything poked through you skin into you body hurts” but what I dont usually tell them that the pain a blood test causes is insignificant compared to the joint pain I have on a daily basis.

Anyway me and mum asked about my neck pain too, so the rheumy looked at it and made me do a few movement tests which showed her how limited my motion was. She didnt really say what was wrong with it but she is referring me to a physio and I need another scan (either MRI or bone scan) :/ Because the rheumy didnt give any helpful tips on how to control the pain mum went out and bought me this.


Ive been wearing it all day and it’s really comfortable and warm so fingers crossed it will help my neck.

I asked the rheumy if she had any idea of what I have and her answer was “you have some signs of inflammatory arthritis but your bone scans show that you are still growing so it is hard to interpret it” I thought that this answer was very helpful, NOT! So we are basically watching and waiting. Ive waited four years now and I really would like an answer but I know now that I dont have Lupus so that is good.

Anyway because I took the day off college I decided to go and get my prescription of seretide which has been waiting at the GP surgery for a week now. And here she is:


This little beauty is keeping the inflammation down in my lungs but to be honest she isnt doing very well and I’m really wanting to switch onto symbicort. Originally my asthma nurse wanted to put me on seretide 125 but that only comes as an aerosol and my hand joints hate aerosols so I was put on seretide 100 instead. To be honest I dont know if that extra 50mg of steroid would have helped me but nevermind, there isnt anything I can do about it.


2 thoughts on “An okay rheumy appointment

  1. Seretide 125/25 is the puffer equivalent of Seretide 250/50 Accuhaler, in the same way that your Seretide 100/50 was the DPI equivalent of Seretide 50/25 Evohaler ๐Ÿ˜›

    Sorry, that’s actually useless to you right now but if someone reads through this blog and has a similar concern to the one you had I hope that might help ๐Ÿ™‚

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