The freezing fog, stiff lungs and stiff joints

Where I live there has been a freezing fog all day, temperatures havent got above -3 all day!

I said in an earlier post about my triggers that I wasn’t sure if my asthma was set off by the cold weather since I can go skiing with absolutely no problems what so all but today within literally seconds of going outside I was coughing up a lung which wasn’t too pleasant. So yeah many puffs of ventolin later the lungs still arent feeling too good, they are still very tight and I can definitely hear a wheeze throughout my exhale, my peak flow is down to about 63% from the 70ish% it has been hovering at since about October :/ I never really realised how much of a difference 7% could make but today I can really feel it. I guess my only option is to keep going with the ventolin.

The cold has really got to my joints as well. Despite my pretty lame efforts to keep my fingers going they all pretty much seized up by the middle of first lesson which was bad because I had biology which involves a lot of writing. To be honest I did ignore the warning signs of this flare. When I am about to flare my elbows get sore (strange isnt it) and for the past week or so guess what’s been sore? Yes your right! My elbows. So now I have to add an extra 30 minutes to my morning regime, an extra 10 minutes to get out of bed, and extra 10 minutes in my boiling hot shower and an extra 10 minutes to soak my hands in a basin of hot water, oh and of course dose up on ibuprofen and paracetamol (even though I have been prescribed. Indometacin for pain/swelling relief which my GP has yet to sort out, ive been waiting since February)

I get the bus to college which takes 35 minutes, but it’s good because even though the windows leak so the seats are frozen solid with ice and even though there is no heating I get a seat which does help a lot with my back and neck pain, but since the knees are flaring, after 35 minutes they dont want to straight anymore which is a real pain in the bum when you have to climb down some steps to get off the bus. Anyway I think I’m going to soak my knees tomorrow for an extra 5 minutes on top of everything else and see how I get on. Hopefully this is only a mini-flare and it won’t last too long.


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