Last day of school 2012

Today was my last day of college of 2012. We got to leave college 4 hours early and I only had one lesson so that made it even better.

Me and friends went out to Costa coffee to get a hot chocolate to celebrate. I bought a honeycomb hot chocolate (yummy) I am thinking of getting a Starbucks in the new year since I am yet to try one.


I just got back from a community carol service at the town hall, I am a rubbish singer and I’m even worse when my asthma is playing up. I am now pretty sure that either the cold or the difference in temperature going from my warm house to the cold outside is one of my triggers. So since the carol service is outside I just spent the whole time coughing. But now it does feel a lot more christmasy.

Instead of snow we have floods at the minute which isnt very christmasy. Instead of the roads being cleared by gritters we have the fire brigade pumping water off the roads and into the fields. I guess we are going to have a wet Christmas this year, thats what you get when you live in Britain with it’s temperamental weather.


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