A review of 2012

2012 has been quite an eventful year for me, I think the most relevant to this blog was that it was made on the 21st of October. Now if I just reviewed 2012 from October to December I would miss out 9 months if the year so even though I haven’t been blogging since January, I am going to review the year from then 🙂

So in January 2012 nothing much happened. I did have an appointment with the Rheumatologist which resulted in me getting a full body bone scan done. The results from the scan were inconclusive, something to do with the scan being harder to interpret when a person is still growing. However my blood work still showed the antibodies that are associated with Juvenile Arthritis (which I will blog about in the new year). I was also tested for lupus (which I shall also write about in 2013) but thankfully that test came back negative.

February was remarkably uneventful, nothing particularly important happened. I did go skiing with my family which was fab and my then-undiagnosed asthma didn’t even bother me which was even better.

In March I started going to physio again mainly for my shoulder which would dislocate if I picked up anything heavier than a bag of sugar (not fun and very painful) in fact my shoulder had become so weak I was told that I didn’t really have any muscles on my back holding my shoulder in because the muscles had stretched so much with my shoulder dislocating and subluxing all the time. My shoulder had been bad for about 3 years and I had failed all other rounds of physio that I had had before. But I am glad to say my shoulder hasn’t dislocated or partially dislocated since July. One good thing that came out of all these dislocations is that I am an expert in relocating my shoulder 🙂

April was another pretty boring month along with May nothing much happened except my asthma was starting to bother me more and more. And what was even worse was that I didn’t have an inhaler to use so I had to just wait out my attacks, but they weren’t very severe as I could still talk throughout.

June was a pretty eventful month. I had got sick of the asthma so I made an appointment at my local GP surgery. I got an appointment and the doctor pretty much dismissed me she didn’t give me an inhaler but she did send me for pulmonary function tests with the asthma nurse but that wouldn’t be till July. In June I also celebrated my 16th birthday and finished secondary school which was quite a big deal.

So in July I finally got my pulmonary function test which came back all clear, but the asthma nurse was a bit concerned with the wheezing and chest tightness I had been experiencing and so sent me off with ventolin and a peak flow with instructions to take my peak flow morning and night, before and after exercise and pre and post ventolin. I went back to see her two weeks after my first appointment and she was really shocked at how bad my peak flow was during and after exercise. And so I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma. I was also given a brown inhaler (clenil modulite 100) to help prevent attacks.

In August my asthma was still uncontrolled and so I was given serevent, a long acting bronchodilator to try and prevent attacks. In August it also started to get cold and my joints really started to be an issue, it was taking 2 hours for my morning stiffness to go as opposed to the 1 hour it had taken in previous months, and my hip flared so much that I could hardly walk. I was on the verge of going to the doctors and asking for some pred (an oral steroid) I was so bad. Eventually the flare calmed down on its own but my joints haven’t been the same since unfortunately. August was also the month that I got my GCSE results in, all passes WOOP! And I finally finished physio on my shoulder.

In September I got a chest infection and went to the doctors again but the doctor I saw was completely incompetent and couldn’t hear anything in my chest even though there was an audible wheeze that even my mum commented on (she still doesn’t believe I have asthma) and so I was given nothing not even a short course of antibiotics. In September I also started sixth form college to study biology, chemistry, psychology and German.

In October I got another chest infection and yet again I went back to the doctor who I had seen before but this time I took my mum with me and yet again the doctor said there was nothing wrong with my chest and then he got confused between the pain caused by a chest infection and a heart attack so I was sent for an ECG which of course showed that I had not had a heart attack.

In November I went back to my asthma nurse and we decided that the serevent was not helping my asthma and I was switched onto seretide which also includes serevent. So I am now taking a combination inhaler of which only one component works. So I was not too impressed but I decided to give it a go. My asthma was also upgraded from mild intermittent (exercise induced) to mild persistent and now finally to moderate persistent asthma.

Now in December my asthma has not improved, I haven’t been in the green zone since late September early October, my peak flow stays around 65-70% but I did manage to get up to 75% a few weeks back. My joints have also been flaring a lot this month my neck and ankle in particular. I had an appointment with my rheumy a few weeks back who was shocked that my morning stiffness now lasts at least 3 hours and in my neck and ankle’s case pretty much all day. So I’m being sent off for more scans and hopefully for some more physio.

And that was pretty much all that really happened in 2012. Im curious to think about what 2013 will bring.


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