New Years Resolutions

I think it is normal to make New Years resolutions at the start of a new year and for me when I make them I am really determined to fulfil them but as the year goes on I forget about them and become less passionate about them. So this year I have decided to write them down and post them on here to try and keep me motivated.

1. So my first New Years resolution is to get my asthma under control, it’s been a long time since I have been in the green zone and I am really wanting to get back up there. I think that switching to symbiotic from seretide would be a wise step and possibly stepping up the dosage for a little while until I have some control.

2. My second New Years resolution is to get fit. When I was in secondary school I was doing GCSE Pe along with core Pe and I was in the football, netball, cricket and rounders team along with being in a cricket team outside school now I do absolutely nothing. Part of that is not my fault since my lessons clash with sports at college but I think I could make a bigger effort to do more. I have been considering buying some sort of smart pedometer which I think I will do using money from Christmas. I have heard that Fitbit pedometers are good but i think I will shop around before getting one.

3. My third and last New Years resolution is to stop biting my nails again. I did manage to stop biting my nails for about 9 months this year but with the stress of AS exams I have started biting them again unfortunately.


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