A boring update on how I’m doing

I havent been posting as much as I would like recently. I put this down to the fact that I have been revising my socks off for exams last week and at the same time I managed to catch my mum’s chest infection that she caught off my uncle that he caught off his pneumonia-stricken brother. To be honest I’m surprised that I managed to last a little longer than a week without catching whatever mum has. Any way with excuses out of the way, let’s get onto what I really wanted to talk about.

So as I lie here coughing up a lung it’s snowing outside! Or it was but it stopped. Such a shame, I love snow except the cold air is killing me aaaarrrggghhhh. It’s so irritating within literally seconds of stepping outside im coughing (and I know it doesn’t help that I have a chest infection). Ive finished half a ventolin within a week, I do believe it is time to go back to the asthma nurse (who I was ment to see in December but I didnt have time). Two things are particularly worrying me about this little flare up, the first is that I start a swimming course on the 26th which means I am going to be in a swimming pool/on pool side from 9 till 5 two days in a row then the same for the following two weekends. If you had asked me to do this course two years ago I would have said no problem but now since chlorine and exercise are huge triggers for my already flaring asthma I am quite anxious of what is going to happen.

My second worry is the cold air. The cold air is definitely triggering my asthma now I think since the air is so dry and cold it doesn’t particularly help me breathe. Thing is I am going skiing in february in France and it is going to be a lot colder and a lot drier up there. I’m hoping to switch onto symbicort next time I see the doctor or asthma nurse which I am hoping will help otherwise it’s going to be a tough week for me :/

Okay before I go I just wanted to say that I’m going to start doing a 12 of 12 or in my case a 12 of 11 since I missed January. It’s where on the twelfth day of ever month I take 12 pictures depicting my day. I’m not sure of your supposed to be in a special group of bloggers to do this but I enjoy seeing everyone else’s 12 of 12s so I thought I would have a go too.


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