Im tired of asthma now

I first had asthma symptoms when I was 11.
I got my first inhaler a few weeks before I was 12.
I was told that I was not asthmatic 2 months after I was 12.
I had my first proper attack when I was 13.
I was playing cricket.
I didnt tell my parents.
I borrowed a friends inhaler.
I thought that would be the end of asthma for me.
I suffered with weekly (minor) attacks until I was 16.
I then had the courage to go to the doctors.
My parents still dont believe I have asthma.
I was given ventolin on the 26th June 2012.
I was given my first peak flow on the same day.
I was given clenil modulite on the 19th July 2012.
I was given serevent on the 6th August 2012.
I was given my ventolin accuhaler on the 7th of August 2012.
I was given seretide on the 31st October 2012.
The last time I was in the green zone was the 5th November 2012.

I have been on an asthma adventure but I would like it to end soon. I know other people have asthma far worse than me and require home oxygen and numerous nebs daily and I consider myself lucky, but I still find it hard.

I first thought seretide wasn’t working on the 1st November 2012.
I am still waiting for it to work.
It isnt going to start working now.

On a Wednesday I dont start college to 11.50
It takes me 50 minutes to get to college by bus.
The doctors opens at 8.30
I will have 3 hours and 20 minutes to see a doctor on Wednesday.
I should go.
The real question is do I have the courage to tell my parents that this is a problem?


10 thoughts on “Im tired of asthma now

  1. My story is similar to yours! I was given a Ventolin in Sept. 2013, told I didn’t have asthma in Nov. 2013, got a spacer in April 2014, Clenil Modulite in October 2014, hospitalised Nov. 2014 and given Prednisolone for 5 days, then told I had asthma, got my first PEFR meter a couple of days later, got more Prednisolone in Dec. 2014 for 14 days, then got Seretide (bless GSK) on Christmas Eve 2014.

    Parents are coming round to the fact that I have asthma now, and my mum has Non-Asthmatic Eosinophilic Bronchitis (a rare condition where your lungs produce way way way too many of a certain type of white blood cell and it causes inflammation. She was basically having near-constant coughing fits for 3 years before she was diagnosed!) and is on Flixotide so we can talk Lungs. My best friend is on the separate-inhaler version of Seretide (Serevent and Flixotide) so I’ve got her as well!

    1. Wow! That sounds so similar! They thought i could have exercise induced asthma back when i was 12 but they decided it couldnt be after clenil didnt work… Now 6 years later I definitely have asthma but thankfully no admissions. Ive progressed through the different meds fairly quickly from clenil to clenil plus serevent, to seretide, to symbicort and now to Flutiform…
      How are you getting on with seretide?
      My parents dont really know i have asthma, eiter due to the fact that they dont belive it or they forget but since my asthma is pretty well controlled now and I have moved out it isnt much of an issue anymore.

      1. I’m actually getting on pretty well with it! My peak flows are stabilising a bit although I’m only getting up to 320 instead of my predicted 385 (should be higher anyway because I’m a trained singer, more like 410-420) however I feel loads better. I’ve had some ups and downs lungwise (my blog tells all: but now things are looking up 🙂

      2. Woo! Im glad to hear! It took my peak flow quite a while to stabilise too… I dont often do my peak flow now and treat based on symptoms more but when i am having an exaccerbation so i know when to increase/decrease ny preventer dosage…
        I didnt realise you have a blog, ill definitetly check it out!

      3. Also, I am an ice hockey player who is triggered by exertion and cold air, so I know the pains of trying to do something you love while keeping yourself alive!

        I need to ask my asthma nurse about stepping up my Seretide when I’m bad; previously I’ve been told to step up my Clenil (when I was on that) but a) I wasn’t told by how much and b) Seretide has Salmeterol too and I don’t know whether that can be stepped up too or if I need 125/25 specifically for when I’m unwell/suffering..

      4. I wasnt supposed to step up my seretide but my asthma nurse made an exception saying that I could double the dose for a week if need be but i never did purely bexause i didnt want to exceed the max dose of salmeterol. Formoterol in symbicort and flutiform allow for a lot more flexibiliity thankfully which suits me better.
        I actually have two doses of flutiform; the 125/5 which i take normally, and the 50/5 which i can reduce my dose to if i am controlled for a period of time and feel that J can reduce my dose… In also allowed to increase my dose of 125/5 if need be.
        I totally understand the ice hockey thing, there was a time when mt asthma nurse told me that i would have to quit swimming if i wanted control.
        P.s I left a comment on that post, not sure if it went through or not though

    2. *I also have a lot of friends with asthma, most of whom are on combination inhalers… One of my closest friends is on Symbicort, another is on Relvar, and a third is on seretide

  2. Sadly things have deteriorated and I’ve been in the yellow zone for quite a while now and my mum wants me to see an allergist so….

    However, after about a week of being in the yellow zone and stepping up my Seretide 50/25 to 3 times a day, I went to see the GP. I said that a blogger I follow (you!) has two inhalers of different strengths and he thought that was a really, really good idea so…kudos to you and your asthma nurse!

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