First guest post! My life with exercise induced asthma – Lizzy

[editors note: I’d like to say thank you to Lizzy for being my first guest post on this blog. Lizzy was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma early in 2012, this is her story of her diagnosis and how asthma has effected her life.]

Hi, I’m Lizzy. I have two friends with asthma, Jenni and Rachel. For years I have watched them take their inhalers, but at different times. If the three of us were to run cross-country, Rachel would need her inhaler way before Jenni, but only Jenni needed hers before exams.

About a year ago, I was playing manhunt in a wood with my explorer scouts. Of course, I managed to get lost and when they called everyone back I had to run as fast as I could. Not knowing where I was going, I think I ran around and through the wood at least twice. When I finally arrived at the meeting point, I collapsed to the floor breathing heavily. My “wheezing” was so loud that everyone could hear it and Karen (my scout leader) made me sit out of the next game. She also made me see the Doctor about asthma.

My asthma nurse told me that I had ‘exercise induced’ asthma. She gave me two inhalers, one blue (reliever) and one brown (preventer). When I got back to school, I asked Jenni what ‘exercise induced’ meant. She told me that, like Rachel, I struggle to breath when I do exercise, but that there are different ‘triggers’ e.g. Jenni’s trigger is partly stress [editors note: these are examples of other triggers: chlorine, exercise, paint fumes, humidity, dust, cold air, allergens, hot air, aerosols, perfume etc].

Living with asthma is not as bad as some people think. [editors note: some people have more severe asthma than Lizzy and their lives are affected greatly. This statement relates to Lizzy’s experiences with asthma] I have many friends who take it upon themselves to cover me in cotton wool and make a huge fuss. This has proved to be infuriating as I am still the same bubbly, bouncy person on the inside. However, asthma does make me think about what sort of exercise I do, and I have to stop and take my blue inhaler more and have a lot more breaks. The main thing that I miss out on is that I would love to play in the girl’s football team for my college, but my asthma makes it quite impossible to do so. I also find that, quite often, I forget to take my brown inhaler, however Jenni ALWAYS asks me if I have and badgers me to do so if the answer is no.

[editors note: once again I would like to thank Lizzy for doing my first guest post. If anyone would like to do a post feel free to message me on Facebook just search MyLungMyLife or follow me on twitter @pinger_genguin ]


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