An unusual physio appointment

I just had one of my most unusual physio appointment ever. I must admit that it was with my foot/ankle physio and not my hip/knee/shoulder/everything else physio but it was still strange.

This appointment was only supposed to be my six month check up before I went on my way and was discharged but unfortunately I was not discharged :/

I think I should explain a little bit, I first got referred to my foot physio by my everything else (but feet) physio  because they thought that my flat footedness was causing all my joints to be out of whack and so sorting my feet should have sorted all my other joints, or so the logic was (I still dont understand how they connected my low arch to wrist pain – it’s a mystery). So I was given insoles to correct the flat foot low arch issue and went on my way.

Then over the last few months my ankle has been getting really sore and puffy but no redness to indicate arthritis or anything else really. Mum always thought that I kept going over it without knowing. Anyway the physio mucked around with my ankle and found it hard to believe how stiff my ankles are, she thought that it had to be caused by a bone block (a little bit of bone is in the wrong place and is making my ankle lock and limits movement) but we ruled that out by the fact I can still walk with only relative discomfort usually.

Now she thinks that I have gone over my ankle so much that I have scraped bone off the inside of my joint and on an x-ray it appears to look like white fluff in my joint fluid (I dont know how physios come up with these explanations for things – I had a physio describe my bursitis as a jelly bubble).

So now I’m having to go off to get an x-ray during my first half day at college in two weeks time. So depending on the results of the x-ray I either get more physio or an arthroscopy to suck all the gunk out of my joint (lovely thought).

So why was this such an unusual physio session for me? Well I think that the fact that I didnt get any exercises to do or any restrictions on exercise like I normally do was quite unusual and is a positive but I really do hate having to go for more diagnostic tests.

Anyway my next post should be on Wednesday as I have another appointment with my asthma nurse so I’ll update you all on that.


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