12 of 12 – February, my first 12 of 12!

I’m not sure whether your meant to be in a certain blogging group to do a 12 of 12 but I always enjoy them so I thought I’d join in.
So basically a 12 of 12 is when you take 12 pictures on the 12th day of every month that highlight your day. Since ive had a boring day and my lungs are twitchy my first 12 of 12 is quite asthma based. So here it goes:


7.14am – peak flow is down to 280 which is 70% on my new plan and 62% on my old plan.


12.26pm – looks minging but tasted quite nice, a lunch of cheese and tomato pasta


5.23pm – making pancake batter for lots and lots of lovely pancakes… Or so I thought


7.07pm – my first attempt at a pancake, we called my failed attempts dough balls as they were the consistency of dough :/


7.12pm – Mum and my third attempt at a pancake, added some sugar and lemon, tasted lovely


8.16pm – still trying to learn up German. Still not doing a very good job at it.


10.04pm – and tonights peak flow is 290, im sure the symbicort is wearing off!


10.13pm – taking the symbicort, just over halfway through it now


10.16pm – checking the calender, asthma clinic appointment at 8.10 tomorrow morning


10.18pm ankle has puffed up from yesterday’s physio session, painkillers and heat


10.23pm – wanted to show you all this weeks peak flow diary. The top straight line is my old plans 80% mark and the bottom straight line is my new 80%. Still only jist getting there


10.25pm – lights out, I’m shattered.

So that was my first 12 of 12 and you can see I have had a really uneventful day and managed to fail epically at making pancakes, but I enjoyed the “dough ball” making so all was not lost.


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