Off to France I go…

So I’m off to Edinburgh in a few moments where I’m staying overnight and flying tomorrow. I think ill be getting there about 9.30 or 10.00 ish and my flight is tomorrow at 1.00

Unfortunately I wont have a chance to blog again before I go, so this is like a little farewell for a week.

Ive packed all my inhalers into my hand luggage and I have a spare prescription as a just in case:


Ive also got my peak flow meter, peak flow diary, spacer for my ventolin hfa, a pen to write in my peak flow diary and a ruler to connect the dots in my diary too.

The only other things I have is my IPod, German homework, chemistry and biology homework. I’m allowed 5kg hand luggage and I’m up at 4.5 kg. That means I have a heckler of a lot of homework to do.

Anyway when I go skiing I usually take a video of my favourite run so I’ll post that when I get back and I just wanted to say…

… Bon voyage!


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