Back home, back to normal life…

I got back from France yesterday evening at about 7.30 after a long journey. The transfer from the hotel to the airport should be 3 hours maximum but no, we happened to get stuck in a big traffic jam for 3 hours so the total drive was 5 hours. Needless to say I was not too impressed.

Anyway I promised pictures and a wee update as to how the holiday was. So here goes.

The journey there was quite uneventful, there was a 2 hour delay with the plane (while we were sat on the plane may I add) and then once we were up and at our destination air traffic control informed us that there was an hour delay with landing so we flew in circles for an hour. The only issue I had asthma wise was on the descent which I can only put down to either my lungs being grouchy or the change in pressures, anyway despite me being on 3 puffs of symbicort twice daily the lungs had a bit of a hissy fit and I spent the whole hour coughing despite many puffs of ventolin. I took a picture of the view after I got off the plane, lovely except all the wood smoke ( thats why the picture is a little hazy):


So there was a 3 hour drive from the airport to the hotel in the French alps. And by the time we reached the hotel it was too dark to see the view of the alps so I took that the next day. But here is my hotel room:


Really comfy beds and it turned out that this was just two single beds pushed together so we could easily separate them. Unfortunately my first night sleep was terrible, I already had a cold from the previous Wednesday (hence the 3 puffs of symbicort) so I got hardly any sleep at all and I was really kicking myself for turning down the pred that my asthma nurse had offered me.

This is the view out of the bedroom window the next morning:


On Sunday I took it easy and I only skiied for about 3 hours instead of the usually 6 or 7. But after 3 hours I was so tired and out of breath I just wanted to go to sleep, so I did (after lots of ventolin may I add).

Anyway on Monday I was feeling better and I was able to ski for the full 6 hours with lots of breaks of course. But Tuesday I was feeling worse than the Sunday so I upped my symbicort to 4 puffs for a day (I was going to keep it upped for longer but I was feeling a lot better on Wednesday and dropped back down again) to try and stop me having to see the on call doctor. Anyway that worked and I even got rid of my cold so I went back down to 3 puffs on Wednesday and I felt really good for the first time since November.

On Thursday though I came down with another cold but I thought I had that covered because I was already on 3 puffs of symbicort so I wasn’t too worried. Anyway I ended up having two asthma attacks on Thursday, not just an exacerbation as I believe Sunday through Tuesday was. I think what triggered those attacks was a combination of cold air (it was -25 degrees Celsius), having to carry really heavy skis and my cold. I was on the verge of getting the on call doctor out to give me some pred at that point. But I did manage to get the gondola up to the tallest part of the mountain (10,500 feet!) and I took a pictures for you guys:


The mountain you can see in the right of the picture is Mont Blanc.

By Friday I was feeling marginally better and so stayed out for the whole 6 hours but I didnt ski anything harder than an easy red. But I did have a sugar crepe and a soup bowl full of hot chocolate:



And on Saturday I flew home with a long journey as I have mentioned earlier.

So that was my skiing holiday of 2013. I’m quite disappointed that my asthma got so much in the way of my skiing but I have to admit that I did fall over twice although both of those times were when I was stood still. I’m a little upset that I ruined my no falls over rate of 2 years but thats life and it was pretty funny, I can imagine from the views of other people.

Tomorrow I have got another guest post lined up. Rachel’s experience with uncontrolled asthma.

Just a word if anyone would like to do a guest post feel free to contact me on facebook. Join the mylungsmylife page and message me your story šŸ™‚


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