Guest post: Rachel’s experience with uncontrolled asthma

[editors note: Rachel has kindly agreed to do a guest post on her experiences with asthma. Up untill a few months ago Rachel was well controlled with just taking bricanyl, a reliever inhaler. This is the story of her diagnosis and her feelings on how asthma has impacted her life]

Hey, Rachel here. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was just a baby [editors note: most doctors dont diagnose children under the age of 5 with asthma in the UK, Rachel was lucky that she found a doctor to give her the proper diagnosis and treatment] but around the age of three I was undiagnosed, I feel however like I have always had this condition. My dad noticed my breathing getting worse when hiking around the age of 11. I can’t remember what drove me to get tested for asthma but I soon got a blue (reliever) inhaler.

I didn’t really know what an asthma attack was like as it had been years since I’d had one. It was only a matter of months ago when I had an attack, fortunately I wasn’t hospitalised as many of my friends have been. It made me realise how overpowering asthma can be. Luckily I had many friends that also suffer from asthma around me to calm me down. One of the worst things you can do is panic.

After that incident it just made me more aware of some of my triggers. Also, that I shouldn’t let asthma take over my life but that I need to be aware and listen to my body. As I have exercise induced asthma I find it hard to push myself to the very limits, especially on cold days, which I would love to. Like many other people, I have many other triggers which I am still discovering. Some of my triggers are; aerosols, strong perfumes and spices, cold air and mainly exercise.

Just recently I’ve seemed to have many asthma attacks some of which I should have been hospitalised for as they were longer than 10 minuets [editors note: the 10 minute rule which Rachel is referring to is “if your reliever inhaler has not taken affect within 10 minutes of you first using it or you are getting worse it is time to seek medical help at either a doctors, urgent care facility or hospital”], my blue inhaler look a long time for the working effects to start showing and I was wheezing. Also i didn’t recognise any of my triggers. Now I don’t normally wheeze so I went to see my asthma nurse again and she said she would put me on a brown inhaler [editors note: this is a steroid preventer inhaler to try and reduce inflammation in the lungs and so prevent attacks] and monitor my asthma.

If ever you have any concerns go to the doctors. If pays to see them and get it sorted out. I hate going to the hospital and I hate doctors but I dragged myself to the doctors and now my asthma is under control again.

[editor’s note: I would like to thank Rachel for giving us all some useful tips of advise]


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