Mini update

I thought I’d do a little mini update just to say how things are going.

I’m still on three puffs of symbicort twice a day and my lungs are not feeling great but I havent had an attack since Thursday and my cold has been gone for a few days so I’m going to see what happens if I drop back down to two puffs twice a day, I can always go back up I guess. I’m still coughing a lot and my lungs still feel junky but they are definitely not as bad as they were last week so I’ll be hopeful and give lowering my dose a go… Even though it is against the advice of a very experienced and wise asthmatic. I wouldnt suggest to other people that they take the risk… It’s better to stay on the side of caution.

I havent blogged about my joints for a few weeks since my post on “an unusual physio appointment”. Basically the swelling in my ankle hasn’t gone down since the appointment like it usually does after a sessions which is a really pain in the bum. It has actually got worse pain and swelling wise so I’m really hoping that the xray tomorrow will shed some light as to what is causing the pain and swelling. It’s not only pain and swelling that is an issue though its the stiffness which is no longer morning stiffness but allday stiffness that doesn’t go. The lack of range of movement in my right ankle compared to my left is quite surprising so I hope I can improve that soon.

I’m quite nervous as the what the xray will show in all honesty…
If nothing shows up the its a neck of a lot more painful physios
If there is scar tissue or other stuff that shouldn’t be in there then I need an appointment withghe surgeons to discuss an arthroscopy.
And if there is a narrowing in the space between the two bones I’m being sent back to the rheumatologist (arthritis doctor) to discuss a diagnosis of juvenile arthritis and appropriate treatment.

Anyway that is my mini update, I should be getting the results of the xray on Monday so I shall update you all then on my progress.


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