You know it’s going to be a bad day when…

… I woke up this morning and I knew straight away that today was going to be tough.

There were quite a few reasons for this the first of which was that I had been up every few hours last night with my lungs complaining. At 3am I decided that I’d give up and just sit up and try and get more comfortable, eventually I fell back to sleep inhaler in hand. But it doesn’t help when my sleep pattern is all over the place and I have to be up early for x-rays (in today’s case) and college on normal days. I was so tired today that I nearly fell asleep twice (not a good luck, and the teachers were not too pleased).

The second reason why today wasn’t good was that my wrists and one elbow are flaring. When I woke up it took me about 5 minutes just to stretch my arms nought to make them fairly straight because they were so stiff and sore. Thing is my elbows flaring is a sign of a big flare which I’m not too happy about but that’s just life, we each have our own challenges.

The third reason that today wasn’t going to be a good day was that when I woke up my best peak flow was only 240! That’s not good for me being about 60% on my new plan and only 53% on my old plan and I seriously felt as bad as my peak flow was. I checked it again about 10 minutes ago and it’s the same. It does explain why I was having a really hard time going up stairs at college but I have been much worse so its a case of monitoring it and going to the doctors if I get much worse. I guess it didn’t help that I lowered my dose of symbicort today, but I’ll just up my ventolin and see what happens.

The fourth reason is that I had to get up early for my x-ray which took less that five minutes which has made me even more tired. Oh and in my rush to get to the x-ray department I forgot my homework so had to go back for it.

And my last reason why today wasn’t a good day is that my morning stiffness has not worn off yet, my wrists and elbow are still really stiff and sore. And what’s quite strange is that my joint in the right hand side of my body are flaring a lot more than the left side. Just a case of sucking up to it.

Anyway today wasn’t one of my best days but I’m hoping tomorrow will be better and I’m sure it will come with new challenges and experiences for me.


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