Fitbit came! … And I was right about that flare…

I posted in January about me being determined to get fit this year and I also said I was contemplating getting a fitbit, which is a pedometer that also monitors how well you sleep and basically helps you loose weight if you wish to do so and get fit. It’s got a really snazzy website which basically tells you when you are most active and your sleep efficiency etc.

Anyway I decided that id just go out an buy one so I did, ive only had it a day but I’m really loving it and I’m going out of my way to do more walking and exercise which is fab! I bought the blue one because I prefer blue to a pink colour bit thats just personal preference.


So that is my fitbit, you cant tell its the blue one because the inside of the clip is blue, ive posted the picture of the clip just below:


Anyway I’m really impressed with it so far and I am really feeling motivated to go and do more exercise.

However, it’s all good and well me saying I want to do more exercise but I was right about the flare comming on. In my last post I said that my wrists and elbow were really sore, and my elbow being sore is a sign that my joints are going to flare… which they have.

Both my hips, both my knees, my left ankle, both my wrists and my neck are all flaring which is quite a problem when I’m wanting to do more exercise but the pain makes me physically sick so it’s hard to even lush through it. All I want to do is just lie down and go to sleep but I am determined to get at least 5,000 steps today, even though it is probably not a wise decision.

I’m hoping thaty xray results from my ankle will shed a bit of light on my ankle pain so at least I could start treatment on that asap.

So I will update you all tomorrow after I get my results.


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