Not happy

I am not happy in slightest today. I just feel like my rheumy is deliberately trying to wind me up…

… I have been waiting since December the 10th for a referral to get an MRI done on my neck and it finally came today. I have already had to phone up once because my first referral was to get an MRI on my hands. I mean seriously when I saw her last I couldn’t turn my head or look up or down.

So today’s letter came and now I am to have an MRI on my sacrum and lumbar spine… That’s the opposite end of my spine to my neck (cervical spine) so now I have to phone up again. This is a serious joke and since there are hardly any paediatric rheumatologists out there I’m stuck with this one who is either too busy to notice or doesn’t care enough to check properly.

Anyway sorry for the rant… I just needed to get that off of my chest

[by the way if anyone wants to do a guest post just say so and we can sort something out]


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