Snow in March…. strange

It’s really weird to see any snow after mid-February where I live and today it just started coming down. Opened the curtains this morning and was greeted to a few millimeters of snow which has built its self up to 1 or 1.5 inches which is pretty decent. 

Anyway last time I saw snow was when I was skiing in France… the first time I had been skiing since my asthma diagnosis in July of last year… and that holiday turned out to be an interesting experience. Between juggling asthma and altitude nose bleeds (as soon as I get any higher up than a few thousand feet above sea level I get nose bleeds, which I understand is quite common but very frustrating).

I learned, during that time, that my asthma does not like the combination of having a cold and being out in the cold. But today my asthma really doesn’t like the cold. It may have been because I had to stand out in the snow and wind for half an hour this morning while waiting for the college bus or that my symbicort dose is really not doing its job… but something isn’t working and I’m sat here wheezing my heart out because of it.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’m allergic to chlorine – getting in a pool results in me being covered in a lovely red, spotty rash from head to toe and a lovely wheeze and cough which usually results in an asthma attack of varying severities. The worst attack I had in the pool ended in me having to get out early and having to get someone to cover the class I was teaching because I just couldn’t speak in sentences any more… usually I put up with it and I can just about manage a few sentences between breaths but not that time unfortunately. And when I don’t get in the pool and just stay on pool side I just get the asthma symptoms without the rash.

 Anyway, on advise from a friend I have started to take piriton about an hour before I go in the pool/in the pool area. Last week I thought it was working pretty well since I was only having fairly mild symptoms… a little bit of wheezing…. bit of a tight chest…. some shortness of breath… a little bit of coughing and I only needed to use my inhaler twice (whoop). 

But this week, it definitely didnt work… Im not sure if it is the cold air in addition to there being a high chlorine content or if i’m coming down with a cold but either way Im not impressed. My chest has been really sore all day but I havent had much wheezing and only a little bit of coughing but my asthma really has caught up to me tonight…


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