12 of 12 – March 2013

So this is my second 12 of 12… I’m still not very good at getting the pictures throughout my whole day but this 12 of 12 summarises my day pretty well I think.


7.12am – been up for about 10 minutes so thought I’d see what my sleep efficiency was for last night. I’m quite proud of my 88% sleep efficiency.


7.46am – took a short cut over the field to get to the pavement instead of going around the field… Wish I had taken the longer route, my feet were freezing and covered in snow.


7.58am – stood at the “bus stop” which consists of a pole and a sign… I can shelter from the weather under a tree.


10.51am – finally made my self a to-do list for the day… Contains all the necessary tasks I need to do. It’s a feeble attempt to become organised but it works pretty well. That was the original version…. By the end of the day it contained about 20 or so tasks.


7.13pm – time for some chemistry revision! I’ve started to revise alcohols, FUN! (not).


8.47pm – just finished doing some psychology on Bennett-Levy and Marteau’s study on animal phobias. I’ve done this study to death now… Looking forward to a new study.


10.03pm – 3 material things I could not live without. My neck cushion (should be for travelling but I use it for studying), my heat wrap (heat it up and stick it wherever it hurts… It’s a slight issue when more than one joint hurts but then my joints just have to take turns. I should really invest in a second one of these). And my soft, cuddly blanket (when I’m sore and my asthma is playing up its nice to find some comfort and warmth).


10.13pm – I’ve walked up 14 flights of stairs today according to my fitbit. Quite amazed how I’ve done, especially with my ankle and hip flaring.


10.24pm – I am not impressed with my peak flow this evening… Only managed a meagre 280, thats even less than this morning’s 290. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some 300’s.


10.32pm – getting ready for bed. This is what I put my fitbit in so it can measure my sleep efficiency… I’m pretty sure I’ll have a good nights sleep since I am absolutely knackered.


10.37 – Woo symbicort… Only 60 doses left… Now to decide if I refill my prescription or if I go and see my asthma nurse instead.


10.46pm – My calendar, nothing going on tomorrow but on Thursday it’s World Kidney Day so I’m wearing my Kidney Research UK t-shirt in support.

So that was my 12 of 12 for March 2013… I do believe that my next post will be on Thursday and it will be about World Kidney Day and why it means a lot to me.


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