Flare after flare

At the minute it just seems to me like one thing is flaring after another. One week it’s my neck, my hips and my ankle, the next its my asthma, my wrists, my fingers and my neck. I really don’t understand what is going on.

This week has been a particularly bad week for my neck… My NSAIDs have pretty much packed in their job so my pain level has been sky high as well as my stiffness. Yesterday I was physically unable to turn my neck regardless of how long I stayed in the bath. On advice from two of my twitter friends Heather and Natalie I got some ibuprofen gel which has taken the edge off of my pain somewhat which I am extremely grateful for. Thank you guys!

I’m still really wanting to move up to my adult rheumy clinic so I’m going to see what my physio thinks about that when I see her on Monday for my ankle. I don’t think I’ve really mentioned this yet but I’m starting a new round of physio on Monday. I’ve lost count how many rounds of physio I’ve had now but I haven’t enjoyed any of them. I’m still recovering from the last physio session on my ankle over a month ago! Still got a lovely puffy ankle.

Ooh and I have some news regarding the MRI on my lumber back and sacrum (which is where I get to spend my Sunday afternoon! Not impressed), it turns out that my rheumy does want me to get an MRI on the bottom part of my back for my issues in my neck. I suspect this has something to do with my back being very stiff and my not being able to reach my knees despite doing exercises. Anyway I’m hoping that the results do come out clear and don’t show any damage to my back which would be indicative of juvenile ankylosing spondylitis, which I really do not want!

Anyway it isn’t only my joints that aren’t flaring… My asthma is too. My attacks have been getting more frequent and are lasting longer, and I feel quite symptomatic a lot of the time. walking up stairs winds me, I’m waking up at about 3.30 every morning wheezing and coughing and I’m spending most of my day coughing. Oh, and I also got my self another cold (breaking my 4 week cold free roll). I managed to have two attacks during class this week although those were pretty mild and I could last the 20 minutes to after class to take my inhaler unlike some I’ve had where I’ve had to take my inhaler in the class.

I’m still on symbicort 100/6 and I had just managed to drop back down to 2 puffs twice daily but my lungs have taken the huff again so I’m up at 4 puffs twice daily again. That means I’m taking 48mcg of LABA a day as opposed to the usual 24mcg. That gives me the serious shakes (or as I call them the symbicort shakes). And that’s in addition to the 6 lots of ventolin I’ve had to day. So I’ve had quite a lot of bronchodilator today and my body is really feeling it. My heart rate is about 120bpm while resting, I have a pretty bad case of the shakes (my hand writing is all wobbly) and my muscles are cramping like crazy. But I think I would take all of these side effects and more to be able to get my peak flow off this 55-60% ditch it has decided to jump into. I think I’m going to have to make another appointment with my asthma nurse, it’s been a month now and I think it is pretty clear that this dosage of symbicort isn’t helping enough.

I guess this is just a bit of a flare time for me and I’ve got really great friends both on twitter and at college who are being really supportive which I really appreciate. Everyone has their flares… This must just be my flare time.


8 thoughts on “Flare after flare

  1. Glad I was able to help you, even if it was just a little! I have the same ankle problem, please keep me updated on your results? Lovely post Hun, stay strong!

  2. Hello! πŸ™‚
    I read this note, because it looks like similar to me. I had doubts, because I read, that reumathoid arthritis is rare in connection with asthma – my doctor suspects, that I have RA. But I’m during examination.
    I wish You good luck and God’s blessing in Your health and other aspects of life.
    Greetings from Poland.

    1. I wasn’t really aware that RA could be in connection to asthma but now I think about it, it does make sense that everything flares at the same time. Have you got your RA diagnosis yet?

  3. hi my name is Helen and I am 42, I was first diagnosed with arthritis at 40. i read these posts – don’t let it take over your life, loose weight and watch what you eat. today I fell down the stairs – luckily it was the last three. i am known as the lady who is always smiling, but really what else can you do? I’m going to see the doc soon, as soon as the receptionist lets me past.

    1. Hey Helen, I agree the thing to do is to keep your chin up even though it is hard. But you also have to remember that you do need to give your joints time to recover and you shouldn’t work them too hard. I hope your fall didn’t hurt you too much. Are you being seen by a rheumatologist? I hope you don’t have too long to wait to see your doctor.

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