The joints are misbehaving again

First off I want to apologise for not posting in almost a week. I could give excuses but they don’t sound very good so I’m not going to bother.

Anyway this last week my joints have been screaming at me every morning. Normally my joint stiffness lasts a bit over 3 hours unless I’m flaring where it can last all day… Well I think that means I’m flaring since my morning stiffness is lasting most of the day.

On Saturday I spent a lot of the day walking around a shopping centre and if you follow me on twitter you would have heard a lot of moaning and groaning tweets from my hip. It’s strange because my joints do not swell that often, actually the only sign of inflammation is often joint pain and stiffness… Which is very strange.

Well since Saturday some of my joints have decided to show inflammation in the more conventional way. My hip hasn’t really swollen but it is slightly puffy and is pink. On Saturday my knees were hurting too, they had been flaring since the Thursday when my left knee pretty much refused to straighten when I woke up. I’ve never seen my knees puffy before but on saturday both of my knees were pink and puffy and sore. They aren’t puffy any more but they are still bothering me. I regret not taking a picture of my knees to show my physio and rheumy.

Anyway tomorrow I’m off to pick up my prescription of indometacin. It’s an anti inflammatory medication that my rheumatologist prescribed for me two years ago but due to the lack of communication between my rheumy and GP I am only just getting for it. So I think I’ll do a little post about that tomorrow.


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