One pill is kicking my joints’ bum

Okay so the title is a bit of an over exaggeration… One pill cannot fix whatever is happening to my joints but it sure is helping. This morning I woke for the first time in a few years without being so stiff that my joints were sticking out at strange angles and refused to budge. And for the first time since I can remember I didn’t notice my pain until half way through the day. I mean that’s astonishing!!! I’m practically speechless.
The first thing I said to mum this morning was that I’m not stiff waking up. Of course she didnt really understand what I was talking about since I usually just blather on in the morning but that was my first thought of the day 🙂 in all honesty the novelty only lasted till about 3pm this afternoon when the med started to wear off but that gave me almost 15 hours of relief and although my pain wasn’t completely gone and the joint cracking is still very load and very sore my pain is a heck of a lot less pain than I was having.
So indometacin (the new pill) is an NSAID which is short for Non-Steroidal anti inflammatory drug… That’s basically a fancy name for anti inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. I have to take it once a day at night and because it is in a slow release capsule it lasts me most of the day or as I have found about 15 hours. However if you have asthma it isn’t really advised that you take NSAIDs without seeing your doctor first because it can sometimes trigger asthma (word of warning!). So I thought I’d share a picture of my indometacin because who doesn’t like pictures… Even though its only of a boring tablet.

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