It’s been a long week

First off I must apologise for not posting a 12 of 12 for April. You’ll see as you read through that I haven’t been feeling too good so it completely slipped my mind. Once again sorry about that but I’ll make it up with the May 12 of 12.

So this week started out pretty normally… There wasn’t much going on. I had a friends birthday party to attend which was a meal at Pizza Hut and which I thoroughly enjoyed. That was on the Monday and then on the Wednesday I met up with a load of close friends from school. Most of which I hadn’t seen for a while, and we went to a different Pizza place. Pizza twice in 3 days is quite a lot of Pizza!!!

Anyway all the trouble with my joints properly started about half way through the Wednesday night meal, and I started to get really bad cramps up and down my legs from my ankles to my hips. It was quite painful but I have had cramp before so I kind of knew what to expect. I say it’s cramp, but it isn’t really it’s just the closest thing I have to compare it with. This “cramp” hits both my legs at the same time and it’s not just in one muscle, it’s in all of my muscles and it stays for around six hours. So all of my muscles in both of my legs are contracting (painful to say the least). Sometimes it isn’t to bad so I can still walk around and sometimes I need to go and get someone to fix it. Usually my Mum has to massage my calfs or I go in the bath. So the Wednesday night “cramps” weren’t too bad so I just got on with life.

But when I woke up the next day I was in absolute agony. All of my joints were stiff. In fact they were the stiffest I remember them being EVER! It took me a good hour or so to actually straighten my knees and my elbows so I could actually sit up. So yeah, needless to say I was a bit slow on Thursday and couldn’t do too much. [I would like to thank my friends on twitter for the support they gave me on Thursday! Cheers guys!]

Anyway on Friday my asthma started to play up. My peak flow kept dropping. It wasn’t the best to start with so I could feel every little drop. And on Saturday, I decided that it would be wise to go swimming in the middle of an asthma flare (not wise at all guys!). The swim itself wasn’t so bad, I had doubled up on all of my meds, except from the allergy pill I take before I go swimming (it sucks being allergic to chlorine). Yet I still managed to have a reaction to the chlorine and had a lovely chlorine rash for the next 2 or so hours. During the swim I didn’t really have any attacks… My symptoms got worse, I was wheezing and coughing and quite short of breath but not to the extent where I felt I needed to get out or take my inhaler. But later that day my asthma did start giving my problems. I blame this partly on a rebound from the swimming and possibly a delayed reaction? So yeah that wasn’t good and I ended up maxing out my ventolin and symbicort and I was still having problems. In fact I was having such a problem with my breathing that I stayed up to the point where I was so tired, I had to go to sleep, just to keep an eye on things.

So needless to say I’m really not having a nice time asthma-wise, or joint wise for that matter. This morning I decided to go swimming again (what was I thinking)… So again I doubled up on everything, except from the allergy pill and went swimming. My peak flow wasn’t as bad as it could have been so I did 20 lengths (this is quite a low number for me, but I didn’t want to push myself too much). And yeah again I was covered in my lovely chlorine rash, but again no attacks. And in all honesty I haven’t had a rebound or a delayed reaction either. I guess that is down to being in a different pool to Saturday, which has a lower chlorine content in it.

Oh and I got a letter back from my rheumy on Saturday. It said that the MRI on my lower black was all clear and there was no sign of inflammation which is good, except my lower back isn’t really sore. My neck is sore but my lower back is pretty much okay. I’m still annoyed at my rheumy for getting an MRI of my lower back when there isn’t much of a problem with it. I would have liked to see what an MRI on my neck would have said but nevermind.


4 thoughts on “It’s been a long week

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