Seriously, another cold?!

I think I am well overdue for an update. It has now been six days since my last post, and I’m starting to become lazy with this blog. So I’m going to try and keep it up to date as much as possible.

Well this last week hasn’t been a very good one in terms of asthma. I’ve been having a lot more attacks, mainly in the evening and during the night so needless to say I am very tired.

My peak flow hasn’t been too good, it’s hanging somewhere between 60 and 65% which isn’t too bad but I would really prefer it to get higher. My lowest this week was 55% which I hit a few times but the ventolin always brought it up to a fairly reasonable level.

People on twitter will k ow that I’ve had a cold for the best part of a month (or maybe more?) which I finally got rid of about 4 days ago. I was really longing forward to my peak flow going up, since colds always bring it down a little bit. But my immune system has decided that I should catch another cold, so I started with a bit of a sore throat last night and woke up with a sore throat, runny nose and yet again I can’t smell anything! So far this year, the longest time I was without a cold was 4 weeks. I just seem to be getting one after another. I think that I will definitely be mentioning this at my next asthma nurse appointment, especially since I’m supposed to up my symbicort when I get a cold and keep it up for 7 days after I get rid of my cold. But since I’m getting colds usually within 2 weeks of one another, I’m not too comfortable with taking so much LABA for so long without telling my asthma nurse. So until I can see my asthma nurse, I’m only upping my symbicort when my peak flow drops to 60% and below for a day or longer. Otherwise I’m just depending on ventolin.

There was a couple of times during the week that I was thinking about phoning the GP and making an appointment then an there, which I never think! Usually I’m like, oh I’ll go in a week or so when I have some time. So I’m going to see if I can get into see my asthma nurse next week!

My Dad also got a snazzy heart monitor this week, just to keep track of his heart rate when he is exercising so everyone was trying it out. This was a day when I hadn’t had any ventolin, and I hadn’t increased my symbicort so I thought I would have been alright. I did GCSE PE last year so I knew my heart rate was quite fast but I guessed it must have been a family thing and my parents would be the same. So we decided to measure our resting heart rates using the monitor, then compare it to us actually taking our heart rates (we are quite a science-orientated family so I was like an experiment). So everyone in my family got a resting heart rate of less than 80bpm except from me which I was a bit bummed about. My bro got 63bmp, my mum got 73bpm and my dad got 79bpm. And I got 113bpm, even after we had been sat down for an hour and a half. So I wasn’t impressed to say the least. I think it is probably caused by a combination of me having a naturally high heart rate, having a cold and a bit of an asthma exacerbation and probably also a bit of stress. So my aim is to try and get my heart rate down a bit.

Anyway, I have my first summer AS exam on Monday, my german speaking exam, which I am really not looking forward to. I’ve decided I’m not going to worry about it too much because there isn’t too much I can do about it at this stage. So I’m going to try and enjoy it and I shall update you on Monday.


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