Happy half Birthday!

Well today is my blog’s half birthday. Yes, mylungsmylife has been around for 6 months now! So as a little present, I changed my blog theme, as you have probably already noticed 🙂

I’m kind of in shock how fast these past six months have flown. I have met so many new people through guest posts; Rachel, Lizzy, Becky, Lene and Nicole. And I have met many more amazing people over twitter and Facebook, who have written/are writing guest posts for me. And other inspirational people who have blogs and Facebook pages sharing their experiences with chronic illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, cystic fibrosis, diabetes (all types), stills disease, juvenile arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and the list goes on and on.

6 months ago I didn’t know much about some chronic conditions such as Diabetes, but now with the help of friends on twitter I am well on my way to becoming a fake person with diabetes. (This is sort of a code word for a person who doesn’t have diabetes but knows a lot about it). I am hoping to get a few guest posts up from people with diabetes very soon.

6 months ago, I was 1 month into my first year at sixth form college, no I am 7 months in and I have already completed a quarter of my full A level, which is really scary. Last week, I went to a University fair which many of the main universities from the UK went to. So I now have a room full of Uni prospectuses and I am still no closer to knowing which Uni I am wanting to go to… But I have a little while longer to decide.

6 months ago I had only been officially diagnosed with asthma for 4 months. I am still in the process of learning which treatments work best for me and I have already found that 3 inhalers are not for me. I have found that some asthma medications make me wheeze more, so they are definitely out of the picture and I’ve found that I prefer to use DPIs (Dry hPowder Inhalers) basically because when my fingers are sore, I can still take my inhaler. I am still learning a lot about asthma, and I’m still spending a lot of time googling a lot of asthma related things to try and learn as much as I can about asthma, so that I can completely understand what my GP and asthma nurses are talking about, and so that I can understand the reasons behind why I am taking certain medications. But also so I can understand asthma as a whole, I want to be able to know as much as possible about why things happen and how medication work and what the mechanism behind asthma attacks and exacerbations is.

So that is a few of the things that I have experiences through having a blog and I am certainly going to continue blogging!


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