12 of 12 May 2013

I have actually managed to do a 12 of 12 this month (missed it last month) despite lung and joint issues meaning I haven’t left the house… Enjoy!

Bedroom – it’s 12.28am and I’m still wide awake! Putting that down to my heart rate being 234 due to all the ventolin I’ve taken. Side effects – 1, Jenni – 0

Bedroom – a little message on my phone to remind me about the 12 of 12. As if it thought I would forget!

Also bedroom – I have been out of my bedroom, although this is the third picture in a row in my bedroom… Doing some german revision for my exam on Tuesday!

Bedroom again (no comments please) – mum booked my first driving lesson on my birthday! June 6th at 6.00pm!

Bedroom (hmmm, I have spent a lot of my day in my room) – hip pain was getting a bit much and it was a wonderful pink colour… Icing it to try and reduce the inflammation

Kitchen – our microwave has broken so I’m having to resort to using the radiator as an alternative to a heating pad (woo for thinking outside the box!)

Bedroom – the lungs are really hating today… Just taken my third puff of ventolin (equivalent to 6 puffs in a ventolin MDI)

Hallway – decided that my lungs and joints aren’t going to stop me… Skating on my (fake) penny skateboard in the hall when the parents were out… The lungs weren’t up for going outside. (Rocking the American socks! But how come my knee is a funny shape… It’s a mystery)

Kitchen – been making some scones (that’s a British thing right?) and this is the mess I’ve been left with!

Kitchen – freshly baked scones!

Kitchen – more scones (can you tell that I like them?) unfortunately lungs meant I had to eat them VERY SLOWLY so that I could breathe… Still tasted lovely though!

Bedroom – my symbicort ran out 5 days ago ad I forgot to fill the prescription… Thought I’d give you and insight into why my lungs are misbehaving so much

So there you go, my 12 of 12 May 2013!


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