Do not mess with the Asthma – skipping the symbicort

Well I was daft enough to forget to fill my prescription of symbicort last Monday (partly because it was a bank holiday I couldn’t put my prescription in, but that is no excuse) so I’ve been 5 and a half days now without symbicort. Needless to say, I’m really having issues now!

I mean, I can really feel when the symbicort kicks in and I can most definitely feel when it is wearing off so going 5.5 days without symbicort is madness! This is the longest I’ve gone since my diagnosis without any preventer in me, and my asthma is kicking my bum! (As you might be able to tell from yesterday’s 12 of 12)

I’ve also got a cold which really isn’t helping things… I mean how daft is it to forget to fill your symbicort and then come down with a cold so you actually need more symbicort! I’m really kicking myself for being so stupid.

I’ve got a constant headache (from lack of sleep), my lungs are so sore all the time, I’m constantly short of breath even with ventolin, I’m coughing a lot so all of my muscles in my upper body are sore, the only good thing is that I’m not too wheezy. But I really shouldn’t moan because I brought this on myself by not being prepared! You’d think that after 11 months of having asthma (being officially diagnosed) I would know to be organised with my prescriptions.

So I have to wait till tonight to get my prescription and I will be upping my dose to 4 puffs twice daily instead of what I usually do where I go to 3 puffs morning and night, then up to 4 puffs.

I guess this teaches me not to mess with asthma… And to be more organised!


2 thoughts on “Do not mess with the Asthma – skipping the symbicort

  1. I have been diagnosed with asthma since I was a kid. I used to treat it by taking antibiotics or ventollin but it just keeps on coming back. What I find most helpful in treating / preventing the attacks is taking Vitamin C daily. Hope this helps!

    1. I’m glad you found a treatment that worked… Personally I would prefer to stick with conventional treatments such as ICS and bronchodilators

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