A happy asthma day

Lately I haven’t been having a good time breathing… Partly my fault for not filling my prescription of symbicort (as you can read here) and partly because I got another cold. Now my peak hasn’t been great ever since I had the 3 (undiagnosed) chest infections I had in the last part of 2012.

In fact I haven’t been in my green zone since the 3rd of March and I think that was a bit of a fluke since I hadn’t been in my green zone since the end of January. But today I almost got into my green zone! I hit 300 which is a whopping 75%… Now I wouldn’t normally be happy that my peak flow is at 75% because I would prefer it to be at 80% (green zoning) but at the minute I’m quite content at 75%, I mean the last time I saw 300 was the 13th March. I was so happy I took a picture!


Although I do think that this “high” peak flow has something to do with me taking double my daily dose of symbicort (800mcg of budesonide and 48mcg of formoterol). I’ve got so much LABA in my system that the symbicort shakes are going crazy. I’ve had to re-type half of what I’ve written because I’ve pressed the wrong button because of the shakes. Although I would take the shakes over bad breathing any day. Tomorrow I’m going to drop the symbicort to 3 puffs twice daily and see what happens.

I also picked myself this leaflet at the pharmacy. It’s an online prescription thing where I type in what meds I’m needing and boots (British pharmacy shop thing) go an collect my prescription from my doctor and fill it, then text me when I need to come in. That’s seriously EPIC, especially because I was having issues remembering to put my prescriptions in. So I should be getting a text on the 29th of this month telling me to go and get some symbicort and ventolin.



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