“You’re always sick”

“You’re always sick” is a comment I’ve had quite a lot lately, and it’s really starting to bother me. I have a chronic illness (asthma) and an undiagnosed chronic illness which I call bad joints.

This comment shows to me that the people making these comments clearly do not understand what a chronic illness means nor do they realise how a chronic illness affects anyone who has a chronic illness… And that is daft because there are so many chronic illnesses and there is chronic illness all around us all of the time. So I would have hoped that even people with a small link to a chronic illness would save at least a basic understanding of what CHRONIC means.

I also get the “you’re always at the doctors/physio/[enter any other medical professional]” comment and this one really frustrates me… Especially because I haven’t been to the doctors in 4 months (new record for me!). Yes I do have to go and pick up prescriptions and I take a few medications and do a fair amount of physio but that keeps me more healthy than of I didn’t do anything… In which case I would be going to the doctors a heck of a lot.

This is why chronic illness needs more awareness, because there is so little knowledge about it and as there is such little knowledge about even common conditions, such as asthma, people like myself have to put up with comments clearly showing that there is little understanding.


2 thoughts on ““You’re always sick”

  1. I think some people need to look up “chronic” in the dictionary! I also get that comment a lot. Or this similar one is always fun, “Aren’t you better yet?”

    1. I get that one too! Although that tends to be more about asthma than joint related things… My physios are sometimes quite insensitive too unfortunately!

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