Flaring the whole weekend long

I haven’t posted about my joints for a while mainly because they haven’t been too much of a problems since my last flare in the Easter holidays. I still have morning stiffness lasting for hours and pain but on the whole they haven’t been too bad.

However, saying all that, I think I’m starting to flare again. On Saturday I may have overdone it a bit since I went swimming (and I didn’t get any hives from the chlorine!). I used to swim 14 or so hour weeks but on Saturday I managed 45minutes and called it a day. And I’m really regretting doing 45 minutes, I think half an hour should have been my limit. And then on top of that my parents took me shopping which was lovely but it was way too much stress on my joints. As soon as we got to the shopping centre I needed a sit down so we went for a coffee. Then went for a bit of a walk around. I think we were there for maybe an hour then we came home. But by the end of the hour my hips were pretty sore as were my knees, and I was doing my little old lady walk that is pretty amusing to watch, but it means that I’m really sore and really stiff.

On Saturday evening my left knee was getting pretty sore, so I decided to have a look at it, and what did I know? It was bright red… And when I say bright red, I mean fire engine red. And it was boiling hot and slightly puffy, which is a new one for me. My joints rarely get puffy and they never even got the slightest bit pink before my flare during the easier holidays.

So treatment wise I decided to go and get some ice to put on it. Except there wasn’t any ice in the freezer (I had used it all earlier in the week), and we didn’t have any frozen peas either since I had managed to melt them earlier and I hadn’t had change to replace them. So the only think that I could use was ice cream. So I scooped my self a bowl of ice cream and used that until I had melted ice cream (and then I ate it haha).


But since I didn’t have anything else cold to use after that I had a bit of a problem because my knee was heating up again. So because my wrists and fingers were hurting too (they weren’t red or hot) I decided to use the heat from my knee as a heat pad for my hands… I don’t think I mentioned before but my microwave died a few weeks back and I am still waiting for a replacement so I’m having to cope without any heat packs for the time being.

(That’s the hole where the microwave once lived)

Saturday night was horrible, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t sleep. I was feeling sick and my blood pressure kept dropping (weird reaction to serious pain), which all resulted in my not getting to sleep till 2.30am and even then I woke up ever half hour or so.

On Sunday my knee was still pretty sore but not as bad as it was on Saturday, but I decided to play it safe and I didn’t go out at all. But that still didn’t help and it was majorly sore last night. So painful that I still didnt manage to get a good nights sleep. I think I finally managed to get to sleep at half 1 or so, which isn’t that bad except I had an exam this morning. But 1am beats 2.30am hands down.

So that was my weekend that I still recovering from… I think I’m going to ask my physio about getting night splints for when I’m flaring since it is so hard to sleep and I think some support for my joints would make me a little more comfortable. I’m also wanting to get some splints for my wrists for when I am flaring, especially for exams, as I am finding it increasingly difficult to write for extended periods of time. But since I don’t have any physio appointments on my calendar I’m still deciding between phoning up and making an appointment and just waiting.


2 thoughts on “Flaring the whole weekend long

  1. Ouch! What a painful weekend! The ice cream trick is clever though, haha. If you ever need something cold fast, wrap whatever you want to freeze in a wet cloth and put in the freezer for about a half hour- longer is better but do what you can handle. Works best with liquids in bottles and such, but anything may work.

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