Revising while flaring

Revising for exams is hard for everyone but when you have bad joints it can be especially hard. The stress of exams can make joints flare and writing all the revision notes really doesn’t help. When you have bad joints you have to make do with what you have.

I find that the best way for me to revise is to copy everything out which takes a toll on your hands after a little while. So I’ve found that in replacement of writing I can type. Making the page as colourful as possible is also a good idea when your having to type because, for me, it just makes everything a bit easier to remember.

However I sometimes find typing quite hard especially when I’m flaring, so today I downloaded a speech to text app, which basically types what I say for me. There are loads of these apps out there on both Android and the App Store so if your struggling with typing I suggest maybe trying out some of these apps and see which one works best for you.

I also think that it is best to take regular breaks is crucial… This goes for people with good joints too! You don’t want to overload your brain and your joints. Although I think if you are needing to take a break your joints will let you know quite quickly if you are overdoing it.

If you are determined to write I would suggest that you use quite a thick pen and a pen grip like one of these:

I find that these mean that you don’t have to hold a really thin pen when your hands are sore and stiff so helps relieve the pain a little.

I think that having a comfy chair to revise in. Make sure that it doesn’t hurt your back… I particularly like swingy desk chairs because it means that I can spin to get books etc off of my shelf without having to turn my neck. A chair that you can change the height of is also wise, it means that you can raise or lower the height of the chair to suit the hight of the table you are working at and so helps when you do have a bad neck (don’t have to look as far down).

If you have splints, I would suggest that you wear them. I am definitely going to ask my physio if I should be getting wrist splints. And I think with this recent flare it would be wise to take up my physio’s offer of occupational therapy (although she did make this offer over a year and a half ago so I will have to remind her).

And then you can’t forget about the usual things like ice and heat pads to help relieve pain, swelling, stiffness and redness too!

Revision is really hard but just think about how revision will help you in the future! Never give up guys!

[note: a friend on twitter has kindly reminded me that seeing your GP about pain is also essential! The wrong meds can hinder your concentration and so would effect your performance]


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