Wake up and be awesome

I must apologise for not posting lately, I’m been caught up with revision. I have now finished all of my AS exams and I have two GCSEs in the following weeks, so that’s not too bad.

My biology exam really did teach me something though, and that was that I should always take my inhaler into exams. I wouldn’t say it was an attack, although I would say that it was getting close. I was getting pretty tight and I was also coughing a lot too (so I apologise to everyone that was in my biology exam that I distracted).

I am feeling like my lungs are rebelling more than they used to, which is probably to do with the exam stress and the change in weather! I mean it is boiling here! Today it’s 19 degrees Celsius, and baring in mind I can’t really function in anything over about 20 degrees Celsius. So as you can imagine, I’m rubbish with heat, I prefer cool climates. Mum has suggested that I should move to Antarctica or Alaska because then I wouldn’t really have to deal with the warm climates.

I have an appointment with my asthma nurse on the 17th so I’m going to be bringing up the issues I’ve been having, namely the constantly low peak flow, and the really painful lungs I’ve been having in addition to the attacks. So I’m hoping that the nurse will have some tips with how to deal with at least some of these things.

I can also now say that I’m 17! I had my first driving lesson in my birthday which was epic. After I had finished my lesson I was stoked, I was pretty nervous before my lesson which is weird for me because normally I’m cool with these sort of things but after the lesson I was amped to say the least. I couldn’t stop talking about it! Although I did find that my joints were bothering me a bit during the actual drive, especially my knee. I have just come out of a flare where my knee actually swelled which is really unusual for me, so I ended up with a bright red knee which was swollen and really painful. But, thankfully, that flare ended before my birthday so I could actually drive.

I was also having issues with the wrapping paper on the presents, don’t get me wrong, I’m really grateful for all of the presents that I got but I was really having issues with the wrapping paper, so much so that I nearly resorted to using scissors to open the cards and the wrapping paper, but I decided that for once I would use my hands to open packets.

So now I’m 17 I’m also allowed to give blood, I just got my blood donation pack in the post, so I’m just deciding on which date is most practical for me. Although I am really excited to be donating blood!

I have also been trying to decide what I was to study at university lately too, and I think I’m pretty settled on physiotherapy. I’ve been in physio for a good 6 or so years now and my main physio has been a great advocate for me, she is pretty inspiring, and so I’ve decided that I’d like to be a physio too. I also saw this quote on twitter which I though was pretty cool, and it reminded me of my physio and all my spoonie and asthma pals: “wake up and be awesome”. That quote brightens my day every time I see it, although I’m not quite sure why.

I went to a university fair in March where I picked up a load of prospectuses that were specific to medical-type courses and this is the pile I ended up going through on Friday:


So I sorted through all the prospectuses and split the into piles according to the courses that they offer and this is what I ended up with:

So now I just need to decide on a few Unis that I like the look of, that I can go and visit. It’s all pretty stressful at the moment.


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