Running on empty

I feel like I am literally running on empty. When I get tired I tend to act really hyper, which I think is a last ditch effort on my body’s account to try to wake me up a bit. But I think I am way beyond that point now.

Last week I pushed myself way to far and it all started because I didn’t give myself a chance to recover on Wednesday, which was a pretty hectic day for me. I mean, I woke up and did all the usual stuff then walked just over 6.5K to my friends house, then from hers to my old secondary school and spent an hour or so messing about with a cricket ball which was really lovely. And then I went pretty much straight from my old school to my swimming club where there was a swimming gala going on. I was supposed to be going in the water to fish out any struggling swimmers but then I ended up being switched to time keeping (basically timing how fast the swimmer is). So that meant that I was on my feet for another 3 hours. By the time I got home I was so stiff, I was kind of shocked because it had been quite a good day joint wise but then I had pushed myself right to the limit.

Thursday was slightly less busy but I decided to go to St. John cadets in the evening which lasts 2 hours and again I was shattered and stiff by the time I came home.

Then on Friday, I had another really busy day. It was my first university open day visit. I went to see Northumbria University and their physiotherapy department. And although the university and everything were really great, I had to do loads of walking and I was on my feet for nearly 7 hours which was really tough and it really did send my hip into a flare. I was kind of expecting to flare but I thought it would be my knee rather than my hip, although my knee joined in after a while too.

On Saturday I got invited back to my old secondary school to help with a sports morning for the kids who will be joining the school in September. I’ve been going to this morning for the last 4, maybe even 5 years and I absolutely love it. But every year I regret doing so much and think that the next year I will take it easy, which I never actually do. So the morning was only a couple of hours from 10.00 till 12.00 but I ended up being there from 9.00 till 12.30. And that really took a lot of energy that I didn’t really have, but I guess there is a price for being dedicated.

Saturday was also my brothers birthday and so I wanted to make him a birthday cake, I made him a monkey cake (I think it looked more like Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story, but my Bro seemed to like it). So that meant I was standing for another 2 hours (baking and decorating). And then my Mum needed to go shopping with me so I could get my Dad’s birthday present so that was even more walking!

Today, I had work this morning, which is where I have to teach kids to swim but I am in the water with them so I can make sure they are safe. So that took one and a half hours, although it leaves me pretty much incapacitated for a few hours afterwards. And then this evening my parents decided it would be a good idea to go for a family swim. I mean I am shattered and I have already been swimming (at least in a swimming pool) once today. So that has drained my energy levels to almost empty. In fact, I feel like I am running on empty.

Normally after a hectic week like that I would have a little while to recover but next week is even busier:

Monday – York St. John open day from 10 till 3 although I am up at 6.45 to get there on time. Then get home at about 4.30ish. Then go swimming coaching for an hour at 6pm.

Tuesday – I have a General Health Appointment at the GP surgery so I can get on and do some of my college work for August. I also have my driving lesson! Woo!

Wednesday – I’m really excited for Wednesday since I am going to Alton Towers, a big theme park, for the day. Although this is going to be a massive drain on my energy resources.

Thursday – I have a child protection course for my swimming club, despite me just completing one for St. John’s and then I go straight from the course to St. John cadets.

Friday – I have another course but this one is to help me write my personal statement. Unfortunately this is an all day course and it is going to take a lot of energy to concentrate.

Saturday – I have another university open day, at the University of Bradford and then I get back at 4ish and have a BBQ to go to, which should be fun! And also my Grandparents are coming down from Scotland which is also really exciting.

Sunday – Sunday is a quiet day, I have my work in the morning for an hour and a half, and I have managed to get my self into an arrangement with my brother where I have to go and help him choose a phone that he can buy with his birthday money, although he has a sneaky habit of “forgetting” his money so I have to pay for some of it.

So that is a summary of this busy week and the next really hectic week. And as a result, I feel like have no energy at all. I don’t think I have been this lethargic before, all I want to do is sleep. Every chance I get, I fall asleep, which is kind of scary because I never used to get that much sleep but now I can’t function without a lot of extra naps.


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