Off to France… again!

Tomorrow I am going on holiday and getting away from all the stress life has been throwing at me lately.

I’m kind of at the point where I am too tired to do much else than avoid unnecessary stressful situations. I have been at work experience all week which has been great, seeing how other patients are treated by Physio. It really shocked me that these private patients and insurance patients wait less than a week for their initial assessment with the physio and then commence treatment thereafter, and the average treatment time is 6-8 sessions which is 3-4 hours of Physio. For my first NHS appointment, I waited 10 months, that was 6 years ago, and I have pretty much lost count how many hours of Physio I have had to date. But I must say that this work experience at a private physiotherapy practice has been an eye opening experience, and I do really enjoy physiotherapy.

I also act as a part time receptionist for the Physio clinic too, while I am on work experience which is good but extremely stressful! I have to answer phones and phone clients too which would normally be okay for me, although I don’t enjoy it, I would normally be fine, except when I am flaring. And I am flaring right now, so I have a lot if brain fog… I am mixing up words, I talk like I am drunk (I am not, just for clarification), if I forget a word I will just say the first thing that pops into my head which doesn’t seem to go down well sometimes… Oh and I am forgetting I have done tasks and do them twice. So I have that in addition to all the joint pain, which is even worse because I am sitting on horrible chairs and then standing for fairly long periods of time too. So I am just uncomfortable in general.

I was speaking to a girl on Instagram yesterday about juvenile arthritis. She recently had a hip surgery on her second hip and she was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how to improve external rotation of the hip. She also posted a picture where you could see both her hips and the external rotation of both her hips (one hip 1 month post-op and the other hip 6 months post-op) and I must say that there was a massive difference in the range of movement.

That picture kind of shocked me a bit because I thought it was “normal” to have such little movement at the hip joint and although my hips have move motion than this girl’s most recently-operated-on hip, my hips are no where near as flexible as her hip that was operated on 6 months ago… I took a picture of the external rotation of my hips. My right hip is the worst but has a greater range than my left which is confusing but the girl I spoke too said that she had the same issue.

Both of my legs should be a lot flatter to the floor than this, but my hips are clearly too stiff to get anywhere near the floor.

Because my hip has been bothering me a lot, mum suggested starting up some of the exercises I used to do for my hip when I saw the Physio last year. The exercise that I particularly remembered was one that we called the clam shell (I don’t have a clue what the technical term is). But basically, you lie on your side with your knees bent. Then you try to lift the top leg from the hip (like a hinge) up as far as you can and hold it for a few seconds then drop. And you have to do that without rolling backwards (that would increase how high your leg could raise your leg but this extra movement would be caused by your back rather than your hip)… So I took photos to show you the difference in motion I have of both of my hips when doing the clam shell.

So that shows that I am having issues with my right hip and since my right ankle has lost a fair bit of motion too (I posted a pic in an earlier post but I shall re-post it)

So at the moment I am getting pretty concerned about my joints and the amount of motion I have, and I am especially worried because I haven’t heard anything from my Physio since Easter time. I just feel like I could use some extensive Physio treatment at the moment.

And on top of all that, mum thinks I am anaemic because I am tired all the time and because of how “extremely” pale my nails are among other symptoms which I won’t mention on here. But there isn’t much I can do with regards to getting tested since I leave for France tomorrow, so I will have to wait and see how it goes.

So my holiday should help me just relax and “forget” about all these stresses. Obviously I can really forget about my joint pain and stiffness and I can ignore my hips getting warm and pink, but I can get away from life in the UK and spent 2 weeks with my family before coming back to a new year at college etc.


2 thoughts on “Off to France… again!

  1. Wait… External range of motion should be so great you can get both legs on the floor?! Oh, the innocence of growing up with JA: I wasn’t aware people can actually do that until a few months ago. Having had JA in my hips since I was two years old, I’m pretty sure I’m never going to get anywhere close to that haha.

    1. I’ve had issues with my hip since I was 11, although I haven’t been diagnosed with JA yet. I was under the impression that my hips should be further down, not exactly roughing the floor but not stuck high up like they are… Stay positive Elizabeth!!!

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