A quick summary of the holiday

I have just arrived back in the UK today after 2 weeks away in holiday.

I have had a lovely time despite having a cold for the whole time I was away. I was pretty surprised actually that I only had one attack, even though I had a cold. And I think that attack was triggered by a massive thunderstorm rather than the cold itself. I must say that there were pretty amazing thunderstorms while I was there, 3 in 10 days. But apart from that the weather was lovely.

I was staying at a campsite right next to a lake. The brochure said that it was a “glacial lake” which I thought meant, the water was from a melting glacier which would mean the water would be pretty cold. I was even considering getting a wetsuit but I’m really glad that I didn’t get a wetsuit since the water was 25 degrees Celsius the whole time.

The water was also an amazing blue/green colour! And it was really clear too.


I don’t have many pictures of the lake in the day because I spent the whole time swimming (or sleeping, but not at the same time!) But I do have quite a lot of pictures of the lake at night, this being my favourite:


This lake was in a pretty high area of France and it was surrounded by woods so I figured that I would end up with a lot of mosquito bites, but surprisingly I only got one. I didn’t take a picture for the first few days because I figured the swelling might freak a few people out so I took this picture on the 3rd day after the bite

You can see the second toe on my left foot is a bit swollen, but it is a lot better than it was.

I think the temperature of the air, although way too hot at times, has helped my flare which lasted for a month, but it wasn’t the worst flare I have had. And like I said the warm air has really helped, so all I really needed to use was ice packs when my joints were warm to touch or swollen. This is what my hand looks like when it’s having a little bit of a flare:


Anyway although the holiday was amazing and full of adventure, including “saving” a family on a runaway pedalo, but I am exhausted and need to recover from my holiday. Ha, normally people go on holiday to recover from everyday life, but I need a holiday to recover from my holiday that was supposed to help me recover from everyday life. It is slightly confusing thinking about it.


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