12 of 12 August 2013

IT’S 12 OF 12 TIME AGAIN!!! I love 12 of 12’s because it a visual depiction of somebodies day rather than purely text! As you can tell I love visual cues, and I keep saying I need to include more pictures into my blogs! I shall be reminding myself of that every time I write a post!

Anyway here is my 12 of 12 for August 2013:

Bedroom – the first thing in the morning I usually do is look at my calendar (note the usually)… The green star tells me it is 12 of 12 time and work means I am working at a physiotherapy clinic as a receptionist for the week.

Bedroom – peak flow wasnt anything special, nor anything to be concerned about. A mediocre 340.

Road – walking to work… It’s only a 15 minute brisk walk (or limp) and its good to get out of the house for some fresh air

Physiotherapist’s – my knees and hip were pretty sore today so I needed this quote “we are the strong ones”… My Canadian Penpal said it first and now I use it in times I have struggling to remind myself that I will get through this!

Physiotherapist’s – I also took this picture… It’s my hand when I was flaring vs my hand today (not flaring), see the difference? Straight fingers, knuckles don’t look puffy or pink and they aren’t warm either!

Physiotherapist’s – yesterday I face booked Living strong to ask them if they know anything about an antibodies I have in my blood, IgM-RF, I had been unable to fid much information on it and this is there reply… Staying up to 1am (5pm PST) to see if anyone replies.

Physiotherapist’s – I also added the Living Strong post to my reminders!

Road – and not I’m walking (limping) home again. It’s a seriously bad idea to sit down for most of the day when your knees get stiff after 40 minutes of being immobile, practically hobbled home.

Kitchen – and then I rewarded myself with an ice cream for hobbling all the way home (it’s not very healthy though)

Bedroom – so my knees are so sore that I’m stuck on my bed and I still have 3 pictures to take… I love sharpies, I use them for everything (not quite everything), the Xs on my calendar to mark off days, to write on my inhalers, to write notes etc

Bedroom – I also thought I would show you how many steps I’ve taken today… Over 5,000 is crazy! Especially because my knees are so sore!

Bedroom – and lastly I thought I would share with you, how I am going to spend the next couple of hours… Sitting on my bed with a pillow under my knees on twitter waiting for 1am when I might get some answers about this antibody.

I hope you all enjoyed my 12 of 12 for August!


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