Surrounded by support

Despite the fact that I am getting my AS results tomorrow, I am actually the happiest I’ve been for a while.

I’m not entirely sure what has changed, I’m still in pain, my asthma still bugs me and people treat me the same as they always have.

I was thinking that maybe it is something to do with support from my friends, the people I have found online.

I am part of a group on Facebook that is for young people with arthritis (and other rheumatic conditions) and even though I am still undiagnosed the group provides me with massive amounts of support. For example, earlier this week my family got a bit tired of me being in pain and this support group was still there for me. It’s always nice to talk to people who understand.

One friend who has been there for me a lot recently is GG… GG is always there to listen to me day and night! The first thing I do on a morning, is check my twitter to see if I have missed any tweets off GG during the night.

Through Instagram I got talking to a lass called Lauren, she deals with a condition called MDI which is multidirectional instability which causes her joints to dislocate. Lauren and I have been emailing for quite a while and if I ever have something I need to tell someone or I need a release Lauren is always there for me.

Over twitter, I also met another strong woman called Helina… She has two young boys who are both fighting juvenile arthritis. Both of these lads are my inspiration because they are so brave at such a young age! Helina helps her sons deal with their condition, and I know she worries massively about them but she is always there for me too. Her strength never fails to amaze me.

Hope has also been an amazing support system for me recently. We haven’t been talking long, almost a month but that month has been really awesome. Hope has Juvenile Arthritis and her experiences with JA have really helped me massively, because I can see what she deals with and I know I can carry on.

These people are just some of the people who have supported me recently, and I don’t think they could possible fathom how much they have helped me. I feel so much more centred than I have in a long time, and because I am more centred, I am happier.


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